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Longboard SUP Surfing Series #5 / Top Turn on a Longboard SUP

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Learn how to perform a top turn with control and style in this Longboard SUP Surfing How To video.

A good top turn is vital to have as part of your repertoire of manoeuvres. In this video, we break down the correct technique needed to perform a top turn on a longboard SUP by looking at weight distribution, where you should be looking, feet placement and paddle placement.

If you’re struggling with your top turns, this video will help you understand where you might be going wrong and how you can become more confident in the waves.

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3 years ago

Great Vids… I’m looking to get into this sport… But when watching these Vids the one thing that would really help is to know the weight & height of the surfer and the size & volume of the board… It gives a good idea of what is needed to pull off these maneuvers. Someone who’s looking to one day pull off these maneuvers needs to know these facts. Example… The Starboard I can’t tell if it’s the 9.0 or 10.0 because the surfer may be shorter or taller then he appears in the video… The boards look big but in… Read more »

3 years ago

Hi Beau. Thanks, that’s really helpful. Do you plan to post videos for the backside variants of each maneuver, especially for the top turn? That would be great!

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