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The Paddle & Foil Show Episode 1 / Does Your Kit Make You Rip?

Welcome to The Paddle & Foil Show! This is where we discuss all things stand up paddle, wings and foil alongside industry news, market insights, discussions, trends and the occasional rant. This is going to be fun.

The Paddle & Foil Show is an evolution of our Ask The Experts videos on SUPboarder Pro where we answer some of the top questions and trends people in our subscriber base are asking us. Now, we are bringing it to everyone! It’s an insightful video and we hope you enjoy learning about us, the industry and pick up some handy tips along the way.

Some of the topics we cover in this episode include;
• Industry News
– Blue Ewer signs with NSP
– The Last Paddler Standing race format
– SMIK available in the UK
– Upcoming events

• SUPboarder News
– What the team have been up to
– Learn about our content
– SUPboarder HQ news

• Answers to trends and questions
– What to look for when buying a surfing iSUP
– How to approach buying new equipment to get the most performance on the water
– How do different constructions feel on the water? What are the differences?
– Understanding high aspect foils. Does changing your foil set up help you improve?
– What gear to wear paddling in winter?

• Predicting The Future
– iSUP innovations and more compact designs
– High Modulus carbon foil masts

We would love to hear your feedback on the videos and what else you would like to see incorporated. Please leave a comment below.

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1 year ago

Fun show. Better than netflix or cable TV. On the subject of lite weight, I have an Alpacka pack raft that weighs less than 6 pounds and rolls up smaller than a tent.You can haul a lot of gear and go on some major adventures with it. Its not a sup but I remember you compared a kayak to a Sup on a video. I prefer my pack raft to a kayak. These days I prefer standing but I will never get rid of my pack raft. I tried to down load a picture but the file is to big.

Reuben Ellis
1 year ago
Reply to  Cam

Hey Cam. Yes this is the sort of thing I was thinking about. So what we are after is a packSUP.

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