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Longboard SUP Surfing Series #3 / Catching Waves on a Longboard SUP

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Welcome to the next instalment in our Longboard SUP Surfing Series. This time, we teach you how to catch waves on your Longboard SUP.

We cover the basics of paddling into waves, identifying the best waves to catch, turning around to catch your wave, angling down the line and what to look out for when selecting your waves.

Catching waves is the key to you having the most fun out in the water. So check out the video and make sure to watch the PRO video for some extra tips!

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3 years ago

In the video, catching waves on longboard, you say try to match the speed of the wave, some of my best waves (and worst wipe-outs!) have been when despite paddling hard the wave sucks me back and up the face. Am i in completly the wrong place? What should you do in these circumstances?

3 years ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

Cheers for replying! I will try increasing paddle strokes, normally i rely on grunt.
Cant change how far out i catch the wave, it sits up against a concrete wall with a crowded line-up. Ideally i would either catch it further out or catch the knuckle but further out would mean someone would snake in front and away from the wall would always give up priority:(

3 years ago

Love it. You take really short but really fast paddle strokes as you’re catching a wave. Is that better for acceleration or balance or what? Interested to know how you catch them so smoothly!

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