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Longboard SUP Surfing Series #6 / Cutback on a Longboard SUP

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Want to know how to perform a cutback on your longboard SUP? In this video, we break down the elements required to perfect your cutback manoeuvre.

In the sixth instalment of our Longboard SUP Surfing Series, we take a closer look at the cutback manoeuvre.

The cutback is performed on the shoulder of the wave and is used to redirect our board back toward the power pocket of the wave. It is crucial to carry your speed throughout this manoeuvre as you are required to turn your longboard sup back around to face down the line of the wave.

For the subscriber on SUPboarder PRO, the PRO videos features ways in which you can add variation into cutback.

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Douglas Wurst
Douglas Wurst
2 years ago

What size is the board in this video?

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