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“I've only started paddling a little over a year ago, and so I had so much to learn. I don't think there is a more informative website for learning about boards, technique, plus fun videos of different locations. The touring videos were especially interesting. The best thing was that via Ask the Experts. SUPboarder PRO gave me email advice on what board would be best for me! I'm thankful for the help!”

Kathryn ~ PRO Subscriber ~ United States

“I learnt a lot about SUPs and their differences, their shape/design from watching SUPboarder Pro tests and how to, they also guided me via personal email to pick the right board as my first race SUP based on my skills and my weight/height and usage. When you ask a question, they always get back to you quickly and with all the details.”

Pedram ~ PRO Subscriber ~ Australia

“GeoSUP is FANTASTIC! The app is a brilliant way to track your paddles around the world. Its a fantastic way to find new routes that you can add to your wish-list and the stats that you get from every paddle are great too!! The app never loses location/signal even if your phone is completely out of range! GeoSUP also runs economically in the background without draining your battery... even after an all day (9hr) 51.2km paddle! Whether you are just a leisurely paddler who want to map where they have been or a keen racer who needs help with training - GeoSUP is all you will ever need! ”

Martina ~ GeoSUP User ~ UK

“I am a big fan of your magazine and I am a Pro subscriber for the second year now. Your magazine is in my opinion by far the most authentic information about how to learn and improve in SUP and also about products, one can get on the internet.”

Hauke ~ PRO Subscriber ~ Germany

“Both Will and Reuben were hugely helpful in getting me on a new board. I had a pretty specific wishlist and they gave me objective advice that you just can't get from a supplier. New JP Allwater GT and Carbon Pro paddle are with me and just back from great first spin. Thanks chaps!”

Michael ~ PRO Subscriber ~ UK

“SUPboarder guided me through what board I should buy as I progressed from beginner to intermediate SUP racer, through their freely available features and PRO Ask the Expert advice - thank you!”

James Buchanan ~ PRO Subscriber ~ UK

“I have been paddling for 10 months and covered nearly 600 miles . Without GeoSUP I would not have known of all the great paddles local to me or been nearly so inspired to keep going...I’m hooked and that is in no small part the result of this amazing app...I have made friends on here and met up for a quick paddle, monitored my progress and reminded myself of some of my own fun paddles and am looking forward to doing many others fellow paddlers have put on GeoSUP. My favourite App on my phone !! Thanks GeoSUP team your amazing.”

Andy Floz ~ GeoSUP User ~ UK

“SUPboarder rules! Thanks for all your videos. Cheers!”

AIX ~ YouTube User

“If you’re getting into the sport then a modest investment in SUPboarder PRO is well worth it to avoid buying something unsuitable.”

Richard Downey ~ PRO Subscriber ~ UK

“It’s nearly two years since I started using Geosup, and Never lost signal!Even when Sup surfing and my phone had No signal, it still recorded my session.I’ve used this app for both race training to exploring and everything in between, it’s great watching the community grow and see where people paddle.If you Sup, this is The Best app on the market”

Jonny ~ GeoSUP User ~ UK

“You guys do a great job teaching and explaining technique. Love that you've shown incorrect technique too as it helps me learn. Thank you!”

Reader Survey ~ 2018

“Great site and really useful, particularly for a beginner. Just need to take the plunge and get a board now! ”

Reader Survey ~ 2018

“Your reviews are the best online - nice and detailed but not too long in length.”

Reader Survey ~ 2018

“I have watched many of the SUPboarder Pro board reviews and how to videos. They have been a fabulous guide and I feel that I am making good progress trying to put into practise the techniques.”

Drew Draken ~ PRO Subscriber ~ USA

“Easily the best SUP resource out there. Clear concise information, professionally delivered and with great production values. SUP aficionados have been waiting for a quality resource like this for a long time.”

Damien ~ PRO Subscriber ~ Australia

“Thanks for your videos, they are packed with info yet concise - hard to find these days. You have helped me find my feet with SUP.”

Chris Sly ~ Youtube Comment

“The Top Gear of SUP!”

Jacopo Giusti ~ 52059 ~ RRD International

“Great sup specific app! It's not for tracking exercises but also for sharing routes for fellow boarders. Really like the wind indicators on the map along with the speed markers. Definitely recommended app!”

Sami Laakkonen ~ GeoSUP User ~ Finland

“First app of the type I’ve tried and I’ve found no reason at all to look further. I’ve now shared over 50 sessions and have had no issues with it. This is a great app. Probably the greatest! ;-)With the update which I’ve heard is planned this will even greater.I enjoy following other users experiences on the water all over the world. If you SUP please join in and share your excursions - you won’t regret it. SUP on!”

Kim ~ GeoSUP User ~ Denmark

“Excellent Instruction. Very clear - it doesn't get much better that that!”

Water Sports Planet ~ YouTube Comment

“I have to say that if it wasn’t for GeoSUP, heres no way that I would be paddling as much as i do. I just love challenging myself every week and pushing those extra kilometres. It also gives me a great way to keep a diary of all the adventures!”

Vaughan Jones ~ GeoSUP User ~ Brisbane, Australia

“SUPboarder provide excellent and informative tutorials - much appreciated!”

Maximidius ~ YouTube Comment

“The content is relevant, delivered in an easy and engaging manner, with new stuff that keeps on coming!”

Gary ~ PRO Subscriber ~ McCorry

“Went from zero to surfing my first wave thanks to the AMAZING content from the SUPboarder folks. They take all skill levels into consideration, and I'm eager to try out the more advanced tips. It's non-stop learning!”

Pablo ~ Argentina

“When first getting into SUP Supboarder, both the website and YouTube videos, was a great source of information and inspiration. Now into SUP its great for keeping up to date on developments and for learning new techniques (i.e. downwinding) or getting new ideas for fun stuff to do (i.e. the family micro-adventure). Keep up the good work guys!”

Jimbo ~ Netherlands

“In the last few years my SUP surfing technique progressed super quickly thanks to the advice, tips and how to guides from SUPboarder. My PRO subscription has also allowed me to access help to to select the right boards. SUPboarders' generosity and support is just unbelievable. They really are driven by a mission to share the sport and make an impact. Their knowledge, passion and support are second to none.”

Ofer Deshe ~ PRO Subscriber ~ UK

“ Looks like SUPboarder has chosen my next board once again!”

Dan ~ Youtube

“id not think I could learn so much in less than 5 minutes! Great explanation of dos and don’t and very easy to comprehend.”

Pitsburgh1001 ~ Youtube Subscriber

“I've been using GeoSUP right from day one as a SUP enthusiast and find it a great way to log my trips out on the water. It's stable, reliable, easy to use and well designed. I really enjoy the community aspect too, seeing all the great places there are to paddle around the world and adding them to my 'bucket list'.”

Jimbo ~ GeoSUP User ~ Netherlands

“I recently got into SUP and your channel has been invaluable in choosing a board, learning proper techniques, and buying accessories.”

Fiona ~ Youtube Subscriber

“Thanks for an informative review every time I buy a board you are my first port of call”

Andy Jobling ~

“Both SUPboarder and SUPboarder PRO helped me a lot both to buy the right board and to improve my technical skills. Their videos and emails to me explains in a clear and practical way, and had a lot of patience with the tight requirements for buying my new board. Thank you so much!”

Iñigo Lartategi ~ PRO Subscriber ~ Spain

“Brilliant source of clear advice and review content which really helped get me on the water initially. I hesitated to pay for the Supboarder PRO content at that stage - but having taken the plunge on that too I'm really happy - some great insights from the PRO content and Ask the Expertsupport that has helped me progress with technique and equipment. Keep it going please! :)”

Jeff ~ PRO Subscriber ~ UK

“SUPboarder PRO have answered several kit and technique questions from me so far - every time with really helpful and insightful suggestions that have been invaluable. It's helped fast track me into various areas of SUP and I've had some great experiences as a result. Subscribing has been worth every penny!”

Jeff Mitchell ~ PRO Subscriber ~ UK

“I love the social side of GeoSUP - like Strava for SUP but better!”

Adam ~ GeoSUP User ~ USA

“First day of PRO subscription and already every question answered ;-) Thanks SUPboarder for your quick and in-depth answer, the JP Allwater GT sounds like a winner for me.”

Sebastian ~ PRO Subscriber ~ Germany

“So glad I subscribed to Supboarder Pro. There is so much content! I live in Tasmania at the south of Australia. The waters cold and Paddle Boarding is still pretty rare. My main source of info so far had been Nosara Paddlesurf on Youtube – But that has changed!!Thanks Guys, keep up the great work.”

Grant ~ PRO Subscriber ~ Tasmania, Australia

“Superb no-nonsence instruction with total clarity. Excellent. Thank you!”

Dannis ~ Youtube Subscriber

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