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Longboard SUP Surfing Series #7 / How To Shuffle & Cross Step

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In this video of our How To Longboard SUP Series, we take a look at making fancy footwork on the board and breakdown how to shuffle and cross step along the length of our longboard SUP.

In the seventh instalment, we break down utilising the whole board length through shuffling and cross stepping our feet.

Using our feet on the board is vital to maintaining speed and control on the wave. Plus, it’s the only way we can get to the nose for a nose ride. Learn the techniques of how to shuffle and cross step in this video.

For the pro subscribers, we have an extended video that focuses on getting to know the length of your board so you know exactly how many cross steps or shuffles you need to get to the nose and back. We also cover a cross step turn and changing the size of our cross steps to react to the wave.

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3 years ago

Very informative, thanks! Cross-stepping definately rules.
How do you avoid stucking leg fingers into handle notch? Are there any ways to temporarly close it? Last session I even got some injury due to.

3 years ago

Are there new muscles that I need to develop to become strong in the crossed-over position? How do you exercise them? I have a self-made balance board that I use (based roughly on the goof board) that seems to help. But still when I try to cross over on a wave, I still feel that I need some strength to really make it work. (I am also on a 8’10” fun board shaped Sunova Steeze, which is a little short and fat (30″) for walking the board)

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