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Starboard Wedge Inflatable 2024 – Full Review

We have had many requests to get out on the Starboard Wedge Inflatable Surf SUP, with its 4″ thickness and its new parabolic rail construction. This board has been one we have been wanting to compare against the boards we used in the previous SUPboarder Pro iSUP surf test, where its bigger, older, thicker brother won the over 80kg rider award. This board is a good one to throw into the mix!In this Pro raw review video (below) Reuben gets on the Wedge for a session. And even though the conditions weren’t great and he wasn’t having one of his best days on the water……… he was really impressed with what the board has to offer many riders and abilities.

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29 days ago

Hi Will
Thanks for the review.
I purchased the inflatable 2024 wedge just recently at 9’2 as I’m heading to northern Spain in the camper and wanted an easy pack sup surf.
Just got it last week so I haven’t tried it out yet but will add nicely to the quiver of 10’ whopper and 9’2 and 8’7 wedge . I went for the slightly larger size as family members may want to give it a go . I ll let you know how I get on.

Reuben Ellis
24 days ago
Reply to  dermotp

Please do let us know, have fun

10 days ago

Will you be testing the new 9.5 Surf ?

Reuben Ellis
6 days ago
Reply to  cam

At the moment we haven’t get any plans to test that one. But I feel it will feel very similar to the smaller board but with more glide. If I get a go on one I will let you know.

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