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2024 SUP Challenges / #2 Quick Paddle Switch

We’re back with some more fun SUP challenges! This year, we have some fun challenges and ones that will be sure to make you laugh and smile. As always, these SUP challenges will help you to become a better paddler by working on your balance, getting your feet moving around on the board and using your paddle more efficiently and effectively.

In the second video of the challenges, we are going to test your paddle skills with the quick paddle switch.

The paddle switch is one of the most underrated skills when paddling. It’s so important to have a smooth and efficient paddle switch because with the right technique, you will be able to keep your speed and rhythm when paddling.

For this challenge, we are asking you to switch up your paddle cadence (how fast your paddle strokes are) and practice less strokes on each side to improve your paddle switch. Start with 3 or 4 paddle strokes on each side and a slower cadence. Then increase your paddle speed whilst decreasing the number of strokes you do on each side until eventually you are only doing one paddle on each side, switching in between strokes. The aim of this challenge is to not lose rhythm, speed or cadence.

Good luck and stay tuned for the final challenge coming soon!

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