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SUP clothing for spring & summer / with Rooster

In this video I’m going to be talking about Spring/Summer SUP clothing, taking a closer look at the layering clothing options from the brand Rooster.

Knowing what to wear when paddling can be tricky, especially at the different times of year when air and water temperatures can vary massively, and you don’t know for certain whether you’re going to stay dry or be getting wet.

Whatever time of year you’re paddling you want your clothing to be comfy and unrestrictive, whether wet or dry. And also practical, offering you some protection from the elements, which during the Spring & Summer months can be anything!… sun, wind, or rain!

About Rooster

Rooster was set up in 1999 primarily for the dinghy sailing market  to “increase accessibility in being able to buy the right kit to enable all watersports enthusiasts to perform on the water, at an affordable price.”

With huge growth in the SUP, and similarity between dingy sailing and SUP in terms of being mainly dry on the water, but the possibly of getting wet too, Rooster are now making a name for themselves in the SUP market, with their layered clothing providing some good options for all year round paddling.

They have a good environmental focus, and over the last few years have started using more eco friendly premium materials and products including water based glue, limestone based neoprene, dope dyed yarn, and recycled polyester. They have also reduced their use of plastic and cardboard packaging where possible, exchanging for reusable mesh bags instead. As well as collaborating with the Ocean Co, a global movement dedicated to collecting 7 billion ocean-bound plastic bottles by 2025.

Find out more about Rooster and their full range on their website.

Our top Rooster clothing picks - Ideal for SUPing in spring & summer

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