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Starboard SUP 2024 Range

Starboard have released their 2024 range of SUPs featuring a new race shape and foil board, new surf SUP sizes and a new lightweight construction.

Get ready to elevate your paddleboard experience with our 2024 SUP range. Explore new horizons, challenge your limits, and make unforgettable memories with the perfect paddleboard designed just for you. Introducing the exciting new Starboard range for 2024 – a testament to innovation, exceptional quality, and a commitment to providing durable and accessible options for a wide range of water sports enthusiasts.

What’s totally new in the lineup?
– Ace Foil – downwind foil board
– Gen R – flat deck race board
– X-15 Foilboard – for wing racing

What’s been upgraded in the lineup?
– Longboard SUP
– complete range overhaul Air Foil
– complete range overhaul Wingboard Foil
– complete range overhaul Take Off
– Pro Surf – 1 new size
– Spice Surf – 2 new sizes

10 X CLIMATE POSITIVE: For every board Starboard plants 3 mangrove trees with Worldview International Foundation. Each tree absorbs 673kg of CO2 during its first 25 years. 50% of absorption goes towards offsetting this board & 50% is secured as carbon credits to fund livelihood projects in Myanmar. The average emission from a Starboard board is 100 kg CO2. By planting 3 trees per board we offset this 10 x over.

PLASTIC OFFSET PROGRAM: 1.4 kg of trash is collected per board by starboard pop crews at beaches in Thailand & Myanmar. Globally, an individual is responsible for 1.4 kg of plastic reaching the ocean every year. Starboard balances this amount for our customers. The Gen-R has an average plastic content of 12.5 kg per board.

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