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‘Ask The Experts’ Monthly Video #28

Welcome back to another ‘Ask The Experts’, where we bring to you discussions, insights, rants, news, our general thoughts about the SUP industry and of course still answer your questions we have had over the last month. We hope you enjoy.

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Andrew Goodricke
Andrew Goodricke
2 years ago

Good to see more wing and foil content team! Have you looked at the Gong range in general? It’s an interesting direct to consumer model they have.

jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert
2 years ago

Hi guys , the Blackfish rider .. more info on what he was on before and where he paddles would of been nice, but first of all i’d say get on the water put your paddle down, and just feel where the stability is on the board, start to relax and have a little rock from side to side. Now go out as much as possible, but dont race train, muck about, move your feet around, try different stances, practice those step back turns … Both sides! these thinner boards take a little time to get use too, especially when… Read more »

jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert
2 years ago

I do agree there should be a two piece Hydro flow x, but thats more so people can demo it correctly, as it is a bit of a massive outlay of cash, i dont think i’d want to take it touring though and get all the nicks and scuffs on that paddle. There is always the Lava and even the New Tempo X which comes in two piece, although i didnt have the WOW factor feeling on the Tempo X’s shaft, it’s still a very nice paddle with all of the Hydro’s tech, but in a paddle more for high… Read more »

1 year ago

Hi guys, thanks for the answers to my questions.
The wind was cross-off and the waves were 3-4′.
I have since caught a wave in more sideshore conditions, again about 3-4′.
I am glad that you’ve said that it’s a little bit tricky finding the correct place on the wave.
Less disheartening; more practice required.
Sup-surfing: my front foot does move around the handle so I’m really pleased about that.
Thanks again for all the great content.
Cheers Craig

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