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SUP Workout Routines with Carole Main / Get SUP Fit

In this SUPboarder video, Carole Main from Mainly Pilates introduces us to a SUP specific workout routine that will improve your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance.

You can choose between three different levels of intensity – easy, medium and advanced. These workouts are designed to target the muscle groups that you use when paddleboarding. So if the weather is stopping you getting on the water, or you just want to tone up a little bit, click on one of the workouts below to get started!

There are 11 exercises which stay the same across each level of intensity, however the time, weight and reps all increase the harder you go. You don’t need to go to a gym, buy expensive kit or wear fancy clothing to do these routines. Just do it as you are with some household items as weights! As you will see below, you only need to carve out between 5-10 minutes a day to do these exercises. If you want the ultimate workout, try doing two of the videos back to back, or all three!

What You’ll need:
• Paddle
• Weights (or a can of beans)
• Water bottle

SUP Workout #1: Easy

Exercise: 20 seconds
Rest: 10 seconds
Total Time: 5 minutes 30 seconds
This workout is aimed at those who are new to exercise, would prefer to start easy due to mobility or would like to begin building strength.

SUP Workout #2: Medium

Exercise: 30 seconds
Rest: 10 seconds
Total Time: 7 minutes 10 seconds
This exercise is designed for those with some experience working out and feel comfortable with the movements performed in this video.

SUP Workout #3: Advanced

Exercise: 40 seconds
Rest: 10 seconds
Total Time: 9 minutes
This workout is designed for those who exercise on a regular basis and want to push their limit with heavier weights and more reps.


About Carole Main (Mainly Pilates)

Carole is an avid paddler and has been a pilates instructor for many years, specialising in sports rehabilitation and special orthopaedic conditions. She has combined these two passions to create Mainly Pilates in which she runs pilates sessions on SUPs and within studio spaces to help improve your balance, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Carole is also a SUP coach and has previously been a gymnast, gymnast coach, a swimming teacher and a police officer. Carole won the silver medal at the 2022 Coracle World Championships in the UK and enjoys sharing her passions with everyone.



More Information About Mainly Pilates

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Gail Blackwell
Gail Blackwell
9 days ago

Wow Caz, that’s amazing, thank you for the guidance

7 days ago
Reply to  Gail Blackwell

My pleasure, Gail. I do hope you enjoyed them, found the perfect fit for you, and are able to progress.
Very best wishes and happy paddling!

8 days ago

Thanks for these videos I will try them. Paddle boarding has revealed to me just how stiff and weak my body is. I have started learning calisthenics. I think pushups, pullups,muscleups and dips can save your life. If you fall off your board in rough condition you need strength to get back on the board fast. Also for really advanced paddling check out Suzie Cooney videos and her book

Reuben Ellis
7 days ago
Reply to  Cam

Hey Cam thanks for the comment glad you found the videos useful. Happy paddling Reuben

7 days ago
Reply to  Cam

Thanks, Cam! You are so right! Self-rescue is a vital skill, and something people – particularly women – don’t realise they can’t do ….until they really need it!
My next video is all about working the right muscles and working on mobility to improve your self-rescue
I’ll look up Suzie Cooney too.
Many thanks

Claire Pritchard
Claire Pritchard
5 days ago

Excellent videos from Mainly Pilates. I have been attending Mainly Pilates sessions for many years and I can honestly say they are professionally run by a qualified, experienced trainer and, as with these videos, the sessions are for all levels of ability and are inclusive. As a paddle boarder myself I know how useful these videos are enabling me to get more from SUP, not only in strength and ability but also helping with the safety aspect.

1 day ago

Hey Claire. Thank you for your kind words. You really are one of my super star clients. Whatever I ask of you, you give your absolute best. Every single time! With the same attitude as myself- if I’m going to do it, I’llcax make it count. I will give it everything. I love teaching you, and I love paddle boarding with you and we always manage to laugh xx

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