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Fanatic 2020 range / SUPboarders thoughts

Yes it's that time of year again... that time when all the brands tempt us with new shapes and designs of boards to get us paddling faster, longer and catching more waves. Fanatic are a brand that always have an extensive range of new, crisp looking boards and videos, and the 2020 range will certainly temp you into buying a new board!

We take a look at the new videos and boards in the 2020 Fanatic range, see what's looking hot for this year, and give you our SUPboarder first thoughts on some of the new kit.

Fanatic say in 2020

Welcome to our 2020 SUP range! We made many refinements throughout the composite range, in our never-ending quest to increase performance and deliver boards that will exceed your expectations. By reducing overall widths we have made significant improvements to the top speed and efficiency in our Falcon, Blitz and Ray shapes – yet thanks to a blend of many other subtle changes – stability and ease of use are not compromised. We introduce a new 13’6″ Ray Air Touring Premium, for the larger adventurers or those who want to carry more luggage or supplies. We developed the new 9’6″ Rapid Air with R&D input from legendary whitewater SUP paddler Dan Gavere. Keeping it big, our new Fly Air XL can accommodate up to seven adults – for the ultimate board meeting! And talking of friends and efficiency, the new more handy Fly Air Fit Platform S is designed to connect SUP Fit/Yoga groups in lakes/pools with less space. It’s time to browse through our brand new website with lots of new features and start dreaming!

Hard / Composite Boards

Surf shapes - ProWave, AllWave, Stubby & Stylemaster

The ProWave is our radical powerhouse design for carving fast turns in solid overhead conditions – no better board for advanced riders to charge hard on. When things are bit mellower, the AllWave is our versatile platform for intermediates to catch wave after wave, even when it’s mushy and choppy. For an even looser slashier feel, the super compact Stubby excels when the waves are less than perfect, always creating speed and flow through it’s highly efficient parallel rail design. Finally, the Stylemaster is the daddy of them all, offering classic 10’ longboard style riding in a board that can catch even the smallest waves.  Hang ten on the nose, or step back for super smooth carving, this Bamboo beauty oozes with style.

Read more to see our SUPboarder first thoughts ;


ProWAVE Sizes: 7’6″ /8’0″ /8’5″ /8’9″

Fanatic say / When it’s overhead and conditions are firing – choose the ProWave – our high performance Surf SUP design that allows you to charge hard, no matter how extreme the conditions.

Whether you’re carving fast powerful turns on a reef break, or slashing in the pocket and busting airs on a beach break; the ProWave offers true short board performance thanks to its super responsiveness and tons of drive.
The real surf scoop rocker line boosts acceleration, while the thin rails, nose and tail ensure ultimate control and grip for deep carves. Light, strong custom surftech construction gives the right amount of flex; the ProWave comes with 5 boxes to adapt to the conditions and your style.

SUPboarder / The board has kept its classic shape which is a good thing. It has still got the light weight and more traditional epoxy surf construction. New colour ways but the board is still very much the same design and feel as last year. Look out for the 2020 ProWave in a SUPboarder Pro test soon!


AllWave Sizes: 8’8″ /8’11” /9’3″ /9’7″

Fanatic say / The AllWave is designed for intermediate wave SUPers looking for a stable and easy paddling board to catch wave after wave, whether it’s clean overhead walls, or small and choppy.
This year we made marked advances to the shape – that when combined – significantly enhance the stability and paddling, while at the same time increase manoeuvrability and waveriding performance.
A slightly straighter narrower outline overall, mixed with increased volume & thinner rails; allows the AllWave to sit deeper in the water, making it more stable at low speeds and also increasing acceleration and hold on the wave face. The final addition – a new winger tail – boosted the turning ability, and makes the board feel much more agile, sporty, and smaller underfoot than it actually is.

SUPboarder / Pretty big changes to the AllWave in 2020. We like the look of the reduced tail shape and the straighter outline shape. We think this is a good move to reduce the performance gap between this and the ProWave. Lots of intermediate paddlers will welcome these new changes. Looks good Fanatic! 


Stubby Sizes: 7’10” /8’3″ /8’7″ /8’10”

Fanatic say / The Stubby is the go-to board for experienced to intermediate SUPers, who require an agile compact shape that has great stability and wave catching potential; combined with heaps of speed, flow, and radical snappy turns.
Its compact dimensions and efficient parallel outline allow the Stubby to accelerate and flow through every turn, with maximum hold from the thin rails giving instant reactive carving. The pulled in winger swallow tail and low swing weight, allow snappy carves in the pocket or break the tail free with a slashier style.
The Stubby excels when the waves are less than perfect, and will boost every session – bagging you more waves, with more speed – no matter what the conditions.

SUPboarder / Its been a favourite of the SUPboarder team year after year. No note worthy changes but like the new look.


StlyeMaster Sizes: 10″x28.5″ /10″x30.5″

Fanatic say / Inspired by classic longboard style Surfing, the beautiful Stylemaster Bamboo is our nose-rider SUP, allowing you to express your style on the wave with your toes hanging loose!

Easy to paddle with insane glide, the classic outline means that no board is more efficient at catching waves. The wide nose with high apex rails makes nose- riding a breeze, and we refined the rocker-line to allow the Stylemaster to ride much faster with endless flow on the face. This also produced a super smooth, gradual increase in turn-ability when stepping back towards the tail, where the thin surf rails will give great bite for more aggressive carving.

SUPboarder / New sizes… say goodbye to the 9′ and 10’6″ but it looks like these sizes will still be getting our toes on the nose and keeping us happy with the classic longboard style. We hope to have one of these in the SUPboarder Pro longboard test soon.


All round - Fly & Diamond

From beginner to winner – whether flatwater cruising or smooth waveriding in the surf – the versatile Fly can do it all with heaps of style.With various construction options – including our flagship, the stunning Fly Eco Edition – there is sure to be a Fly to suit your needs.  The Diamond ladies board completes the range as a ladies specific version, enhanced with a beautiful design.


Fly Sizes: 9’6″ /10’6″ /11’2″

Fanatic say /The Fly is the definitive all-round paddleboard range; having the versatility to smoothly glide across flat water, effortlessly ride small to medium sized waves, and even the option to add a sail and windsurf in light winds.
Designed to cater for all experience levels – whether you are a newbie or more experienced paddler – these classic SUP shapes will provide you with the maximum enjoyment from your time on the water, no matter where you paddle.
Built in light and strong Vectornet technology, the Fly is available in three sizes, with the 11’2″ also available as a model with optional Center Fin, for better stability and tracking when using for Windsurfing.





Diamond Sizes: 9’6″ /10’6″

Fanatic say / With smooth paddling and effortless glide, the Diamond shines bright with limitless all-round capabilities and performance. Cruising on flat water is a pleasure with our ladies SUP, and catching small to mid sized waves is easy and fun.
A perfect compliment to our timeless Fly range, the women specific design is brought to life with stylish graphics and colours. A well-balanced and wide volume distribution caters for easy movement on the deluxe deck pad, while carving is smooth and direct thanks to the thin rails and classic longboard shape. Available in two sizes, the classic 9’6″ and the most accessible Diamond you’ll find, our 10’6″.

SUPboarder / The Fly and Diamond ranges have always been eye catching and this 2020 range is no different.

Touring - Ray & Ray Diamond

For those who like to cover distance, our Ray and Diamond Touring ranges are ready to take you on your next adventure!Designed to deliver maximum glide with minimal effort, these boards allow you to explore further in total comfort – whether in swell or flat water.  A redesigned shape for 2020 ensures the Ray and Diamond Touring is more stable, and performs even better in rough chop.

Read more to see our SUPboarder first thoughts ;

Ray Sizes: 12’6″x28.5″

Fanatic say / Designed for those who want to get away from it all – whether it’s exploring miles of coastline, lakes, channels or rivers – the Ray glides effortlessly into new territories with an uninterrupted paddle stroke.

Benefiting from the development of our raceboards, the 2020 Ray allows you to cover maximum distance with minimum effort, thanks to a highly efficient rocker line based on the Strike. The slightly recessed deck, wide tail and high apex rails maintain the super stable ride, allowing you to track easily in both flat water and chop. One shape (12’6″ × 28.5″) is available in two construction options to suit all riders and budgets.

SUPboarder / The extra tail width will be great for carrying more gear. It’s a shame that it doesn’t come with bungees at the rear as standard but its nice to see a bigger cargo area at the front of the board from 2019. This Ray will be a great fast touring board for all water states. Will from SUPboarder will be keeping an eye out for this board very soon! 


Diamond Touring Sizes: 12’6″x28.5″

Fanatic say / Designed for entry to intermediate female SUPers who like to explore – whether it’s miles of coastline, lakes, channels or rivers – the Diamond Touring glides effortlessly into new territories with stability and ease.

Benefiting from the development of our race boards, the Diamond Touring allows you to cover distance with minimum effort and maximum glide, thanks to a highly efficient rocker line based on the Strike. Exceptionally stable, the comfortable recessed deck; wide tail and high apex rails make tracking perfect in both flat water and chop.

SUPboarder / WOW… what a cool looking board. This has to be the most good looking touring board on the market. 

Race - Strike, Blitz & Falcon

Everything about our premium raceboards is about acceleration, efficiency and top-speed, but even more than that – stability and control. Taking successful design cues from our flat-water speed machine – the Strike; for 2020 both the Blitz and Falcon have gained significant improvements in performance, thanks to changes to their outline, rocker line, deck profile and volume distribution.

Strike Sizes: 14″x21.5″ /14″x25″

Fanatic say / The Strike is our out-and-out speed machine, designed with only one purpose in mind: putting you on the top of the podium. The Strike is based on the boards that helped Arthur Arutkin become 2018 APP World Champion. The sleek, efficient design is quite simply the fastest board you can paddle on flat water.

This is achieved by combining generous nose volume & a narrow race outline, with a unique bottom shape – double concave up front blending to deep mono concave – which delivers smooth efficient gliding, tracking and stability. Subtle volume distribution and the recessed deck keeps the rider low, while the wider tail profile further boosts stability and ensures performance in chop and messy water conditions in experienced hands.

Blitz  sizes: 14″x23.5″ /14″x25.5″

Fanatic say / Combining design cues from the Falcon and Strike, the Blitz is our all-round race machine that will get you to the finish line first – no matter what the conditions!

Unfazed by aggressive chop, padding in huge surf, or sprinting for the finish on flat water; the Blitz inspires confidence and excels when the going gets tough.

Its design is an evolution of the favourite boards of our 2018 APP World Champion Arthur Arutkin. Just like its race siblings, we reduced the width to improve speed and acceleration without losing stability. A straighter outline, pointier nose and rounder bottom shape further help control in choppy conditions or during drafting. Meanwhile, a slightly wider tail gives increased stability during turns and while stepping back during downwind runs.

SUPboarder / Look out for this board in the SUPboarder Pro race test soon.

Falcon Sizes: 14″x24″ /14×26″

Fanatic say / Everything about the Falcon – our downwind race specialist – is about combining incredible Surfing speed with a supreme level of efficiency, control and stability to get you across the finish line ahead of the pack – every time.

An evolution based on the boards that helped Arthur Arutkin become 2018 APP World Champion; we made significant advances to the design and performance by borrowing DNA from the Blitz. Slightly narrower overall, a straighter outline increases top-speed on flat water; yet – stability and control are still exceptional – thanks to alterations in the deck shape, rocker line, and volume distribution throughout the nose and tail.

In the surf, you can effortlessly catch waves and maintain high speed gliding; and thanks to the refinements in the shape, kick turns are also easier, especially for lighter riders.

Inflatable range

Wave / All round - Stubby, Fly Air

Taking the fun on your travels has never been so easy! The Stubby Air is inspired by our most versatile, surf style Waveboard! Getting radical has never been so easy to transport!

Fun, functional and fulfilling, the Fly Air range works for everyone! As the most durable and high quality iSUP on the market, the ever-popular Fly Air comes in four fab sizes, as well as three quality constructions; Double Layer Light, and Pure technology. The Diamond Air is our female specific inflatable board and comes in our lightweight Stringer technology and two sizes. Ambitious groms can get their groove on with the Ripper Air – the perfect companion for all their future adventures.

Stubby Air Sizes: 8’6″

Fanatic say / The Stubby Air is our compact inflatable wave SUP, designed for intermediate to experienced SUPers, looking for progressive and dynamic performance from a board that is incredibly convenient to store and transport.

Featuring the same efficient parallel rail concept as our composite Stubby, the Stubby Air has great hold and drive on the wave. The wide nose and double diamond tail combined with the 2+1 fin setup allow for instant reactions and fast snappy turns. Produced in our high tech Double Layer Light technology with its incredible stiffness / weight ratio, never has so much fun been packed into a compact backpack!

SUPboarder / It may be the same shape as last year. But you really have to do a double take when you see the new inflatable Stubby. This could be the best looking surf iSUP for 2020. 


Fly Air Premium Sizes: 9’8″ /10’4″ /10’8″

Fanatic say / The Fly Air is the all-round inflatable SUP that everyone can enjoy. Our easy and stable all-rounder is the perfect solution if you are looking for a classic board that can perform in everything from flatwater to small waves.

Highly portable, strong, stiff and durable, the Fly Air is the convenient answer to limited storage, city life and travellers’ demands. With a great mix of glide, stability and all terrain versatility, the all-round outline and generous volume cater for those looking for an easy ride; while the side fins give great bite when riding small waves.

Available in three sizes and two constructions. The Fly Air Premium boasts the best inflatable construction available on the market (DL Light), with an incredible stiffness / weight ratio, the Fly Air comes in a lightweight Drop Stitch construction.

SUPboarder / With the Fly Air coming in a number of different price points and sizes this range of boards will carry on getting many paddlers on the water for the first time and doing all round paddling in 2020. The new graphics are going to appeal to many too.

Touring / Race - Ray Air, Diamond Air & Falcon Air

Discovery and adventure has never been more exciting than with our inflatable Touring range! The Ray Air is the ultimate cruiser that’s easy to paddle, fast and designed for your comfort. Choose from our lightweight and durable Stringer technology, as well as our Premium or Pure constructions, all neatly packed in an easy to transport backpack. The Diamond Air Touring with its new look is a glamorous ride with all the performance features to enhance your paddling experience! The Ripper Air Touring kids edition is lighter and more durable than ever, with a windsurfing insert to boot. It’s stable, soft and everything they need in one neat kit bag!

The Falcon Air comes in a ›ready to race‹ package built for speed. The new silicon rail edges provide better release and reduce drag, whilst our high-tech Double Layer Light technology make these boards premium racing machines.

Ray Air Premium Sizes: 11’6″x31″ /12’6″x32″ /13’6″x35″

Fanatic say / The Ray Air is our inflatable touring SUP that has sleek lines and immense glide, making it the ideal partner for exploring miles of coastline, lakes, channels or rivers.

Its generous volume and maximised waterline combine stability and straight-line performance, while the optimised thickness offers great rigidity for effortless paddling.
Both boards are available in two construction options to suit your budget, with the Premium version offering upgrades such as industry leading DL Light technology, Fanatic Click Fin, wheely Backpack and mast foot insert for Windsurfing.

SUPboarder / With the new bigger size it’s going to be interesting to see how this board paddles with weight. This new 13’6″will be a great board for heavy paddlers really wanting to get some miles in.
Diamond Air Touring Sizes: 11’6″x31″

Fanatic say / The 2020 Diamond Air is designed for all levels of female Touring and Trekking enthusiasts; who are looking for a ladies specific board that delivers great straight line performance with convenient travel & storage.

Based on the same classic sleek outline of our 11’6″ Ray Air, the Diamond touring offers exceptional glide, allowing you to effortlessly cover distance over calm waters. The generous volume and rigidity ensure a comfortable stable stance and easy paddling; while the single deck net will keep all your baggage high and dry until you reach your destination.

Built from our tough but light Drop Stitch Light technology, the Diamond Touring is easy to transport, set up and stow away until your next adventure.

SUPboarder / Just like its harder sister …. WOW what a stunning board!

Falcon Air Sizes: 12’6″x26.5″ /12’6″x29″ /14″x26.5″ /14′”x29″

Fanatic say / The Falcon Air inflatable raceboards are designed for intermediate to experienced paddlers who want to focus on paddling speed, training & covering long distances; but want to avoid the hassle of transport, storage & handling that comes with a composite raceboards.

All four sizes of our lightweight race traveller have a new more performance-orientated shape, with
a narrower tail – featuring silicone rail edges – to increase top speed and maximise gliding efficiency. The generous flotation and ultra stiff, lightweight Double Layer Premium technology ensures they are rigid and direct on the water, with a super stable stance. Ideal for either flat water or down-winders on open-ocean, they are ready to race!

SUPboarder / Good range of sizes available but if you are a lighter paddler and are after a super narrow board then you’re out of luck. But we do think this new Falcon Air will double up as a great touring shape for many paddlers too. One board with many uses. 

Other inflatable SUPs and specialist boards

Fit: Challenge yourself and take your workout to the water with our Fly Air Fit. It´s  fully loaded volume, extra large dimensions and super comfortable deck create the perfect platform for your training. Connect up to 8 boards to the Fly Air Fit Platform or with up to 10 boards to our new smaller Fly Air Fir Platform S. The Multiple high quality eyelets create a solid and secure connection when working out. Rounding off our ›workout on water‹ range is our Air Mat. With a compact length for smaller pools, it comes with plenty of straps and belts to progress your training.

River: Go with the flow and hit the river with our Rapid Air and Rapid Air Touring! These bulletproof designs are built for the exciting conditions encountered when heading downstream. From shallow streams to boiling white water rapids, the stable and streamlined outline, huge volume. For 2020 the smaller 9’6’’ model has been updated with a new outline and special scoop rocker line with higher nose and tail to effortlessly absorb waves and big rapids.

Inflatable Windsurf/SUP: For the ultimate in versatility, choose the Viper Air or Ripper Air, our inflatable Windsurf/SUPs that are pure fun and the ideal watersports toys for the whole family, schools or clubs.

Super light and highly stable, they can be used anywhere you can find water – for windsurfing or SUPing – and even to ride small waves.  All of this from boards that comes in backpacks!

Big Fun/Specials: SUP lovers and Windsurf enthusiasts will get equal enjoyment out of our Tandem iSUP. Its ultra long outline provides good glide, great stability and flotation, as well as plenty of space for two people including two windsurfing rigs. Tested in the toughest waves of Hawaii and Australia, the Fly Air XL takes up to 7 people and can be used at your local break for super fun surf, or on flat water and for river tours. The Fly L is the XL’s younger brother and up to 5 people can hop on and enjoy the fun!

Foils and Foil boards - Sky SUP

The Sky SUP is our 100% dedicated foil SUP designed to maximise your fun – even in tiny waves – and to give you the longest rides of your life!

Sky SUP Foil LTD Sizes: 6’3″

Fanatic say / Everything about the compact Sky SUP has been optimised to make it as easy as possible to catch waves. The compact dimensions, thick bevelled rails and channel bottom give stability and allow it to paddle straight and free; while the recessed deck and stance give great leverage and control over the foil.

This year we boosted the performance with higher rocker, refined outline with narrower nose, and added a step tail to reduce drag when riding steeper waves and increase efficiency when pumping onto the foil.

The 6’3″ Sky SUP LTD is the ideal Board to learn Wing Foiling for lighter and medium weight riders and take your skills straight up to advanced level.

SUPboarder / This new range of foil board shapes really look like they will work well for SUP foiling and wing surfing. These new shorter boards may be harder to stand on but when it comes to pumping and trimming your foil for the ultimate flight they are just what you want. 

For more information about Fanatic and their SUP gear visit their website.

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4 years ago


Based on your excellent reviews, I bought an RRD iWave 89 Liters this year and am super happy about it. Now I am considering getting a bigger version (for the more windy days). I am thinking of either the 2019 RRD iWave 102 l or the 2020 version in 105l. So would highly appreciate If you could do a similar comparison for the iWave range from RRD. Btw: when will the 2020 wave test be available 🙂


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