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Wing design trade offs / Every wing has a compromise!

In this feature we talk about design compromises or design trade offs with wings. So when you go to buy your next wing you understand more about what you need to consider to find that perfect wing for you.

When designing any product, a designer is challenged with design trade offs… a feature that gives good performance in one area often compromises the performance in another area. As wing designs evolve, we are starting to understand and learn more about what works best for different disciplines and different winging abilities. The most important thing, is you buy the right wing for you, allowing you to progress quickly, with the smallest compromise possible.

Myself and Will sit down and chat about all aspects of wing designs and their trade offs. Will has really been absorbing wing information over the last few years, from our own wing reviews and head-to-head testing. And also by listening to wing designers themselves talking about their design processes and reasons they have been putting certain design features on their wings.

By the end of this video we hope you understand the six design trade offs you’re going to have to consider to find your perfect wing.

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