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Lucy’s first Wingfoiling flights / Session video highlights

That's it... she's addicted! It's taken a while to get her out with the Wing and Foil, but now there's nothing stopping her!

Lucy Features & Technique Editor is a waterwoman who loves everything to do with the water. She’s been surfing, SUPing and windsurfing for years, so is no stranger to standing on a board. It was interesting to see how she took to this completely new sport.

Prior to this wingfoil session Lucy had used the foil for a small surf session a year ago (see video below) and she had a quick go last year when we reviewed our first wing.
But since then, family, life and other watersports have keep her busy so she hasn’t had a chance to give it a real go (and she admits she felt a bit daunted by it all!!) But last week, after watching Will and I flying back and forth for over a year now she decided it was time to give winging a real go. In this video we watch some of Lucy’s first flights and hear her initial thoughts on learning this new sport.

In my experience of teaching many watersports, with men it’s more often than not all about power, strength and going fast! Which when learning to wingfoil inevitably results in some mega crashes! But as seems to be the case with many ladies, Lucy took her time, and was more cautious, so when she did eventually get up on the foil she had more control, flying with style and grace at the end of the hour session (much to her surprise, and mine I must admit!). By taking Lucy’s more gentle approach when learning to wingfoil we feel you will get more confident and progress faster in the end.

“Just take your time, don't rush it and wear a helmet for confidence. I'm addicted!”

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