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Foiling gybes & going switch stance / wing foiling series

Are you wanting to master your foiling gybes, or have a go at riding switch stance?

In this third video in our ‘Wing Foiling Series’ Reuben explains how to successfully get around your foiling gybes, as well as offering some top tips for riding switch stance. Timings, foot and body positioning and board trim are key to success… as well as lots of practice!

There are lots of beginner vids already out there telling you the basics of Winging & Wing Foiling. Our videos will be focussing on what appear to be the main stumbling blocks. So whether you’re totally new to Wing Foiling and yet to hit the water, or you’ve already committed and got your own gear but are struggling… we hope these videos will be useful.

Part 1 – The foil… How it works under your feet and how to control it when you start to fly!
Part 2 – Getting flying and staying flying in lighter winds
Part 3 – Foiling gybes and going switch stance


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1 year ago

Thanks Reuben. One of the things I find after using my 5m and 4m wings a lot, then going to my 6m wing, in obviously lighter winds… I have to always remind myself to flip the wing earlier in the gybe. Sounds simple, but really makes a difference in the success of my gybe. As you know, I come from a long history of windsurfing so riding switch stance was very alien to my older failing mind and body. Stupid as I looked in my own driveway, I actually rode around on my longboard skateboard with a SUP paddle or… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
1 year ago
Reply to  ciaranmoore

O yes great tips and ideas in there Ciaran. I bet the neighbours were wondering what was going on!

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