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DUOTONE: New Quickmount Foil Mast System

The Duotone Quickmount is a clever, fast and secure way to connect the foil mast to the foil board in seconds. The base plate is mounted to the board, the adapter to the mast. Check it out.

Introducing the tool-less Aero Mid Quickmount SLS Mast (joining the Aero AL Quickmount Mast), along with the brand-new Whizz SLS Foil models for Prone, Wake, and Freefly winging. Also meet the new Amp SLS Foil, expertly designed for Dock Start and Pumping! Plus, check out our innovative S and H Stabilizers.

Aero Mid Quickmount SLS:

Our new Carbon Quickmount mast makes foiling easier than ever! No tools, no stress – simply leave your base plate on the board and mount your foil tool-free in just a few seconds in your favorite position every time you hit the water! The profile of the Aero Mid QM SLS mast is sitting between the SLS and D/LAB mast, aiming to reduce drag compared to the SLS mast while still achieving high strength values in both bending and torsional directions – fast and responsive riding guaranteed!

+ Fast and easy foil mounting
+ No tools needed

Whizz SLS:

Introducing the Whizz SLS, our latest foil addition, specifically designed for dedicated Prone and Wake Foiling but coming with great potential for Wing Foiling as well. This lineup complements our Carve 2.0 and Glide series, crafted with the goal of creating a wing that pumps effortlessly for linking multiple waves and offers exceptional maneuverability for executing tight turns on the wave.

+ Playful and very loose in roll axis
+ Great pumping ability with low stall speed
+ Extremely intuitive on the wave

Amp SLS:

Our new Amp SLS Foil brings pure pumping efficiency to our lineup of foils. Perfectly matching the new Strider SLS Pump Foil board, the Amp will make you chase your personal best. The Amp SLS also works for learning the basics of paddling up for SUP Downwinders and can be used in small and slow-moving bumps for heavier riders.

Stabilizer S (Surf Style Stab)

+ Playful and loose turning behavior
+ Great pumping ability with low stall speed

Stabilizer H (High Aspect Stab)

+ Highly increased pumping and glide
+ Low drag
+ Great balance between pumping speed and low energy consumption

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