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Job Opportunity: FreeWing Marketing Manager at Starboard

FreeWing is the newest brand in the group and is a joint development between Starboard and Airush and they are on the lookout for a Marketing Manager to join their growing team.

** FreeWing

FreeWing are looking for an experienced marketing manager to help us develop and implement marketing plans including promotional calendars and programs, new product introduction, content creations, events, tradeshows and other marketing projects.

In this role, you will work across marketing teams and manage the marketing process from research and planning to execution and analysis.

To be successful in this role you’ll need strong collaboration skills and a desire to deliver marketing campaigns that strive for successful branding communication.

Day to day you will collaborate directly with brand managers, sales managers, product managers, our distribution network across 70 countries, and of course – your marketing team.

Where will you work?
You will be based at Starboard Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. Our office is like an oasis in Bangkok city. We are right in front of Taco Lake, 20 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from a shopping center.

You will also be traveling to events and meetings around the world.

We are working 5 days a week; Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

What will you do?

  • Set yearly marketing goal and execution plan
  • Develop and manage marketing budgets
  • Develop team knowledge of innovative advertising, public relations, social media and events
  • Supervise a marketing team, including hiring, training, workloads, schedules and deadlines
  • Oversee the operation of a brand’s communication channels and provide analytics reviews including;
    • Website
    • Email marketing
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
    • Tiktok
    • Mobile Application
  • Conference: organize conferences to communicate with our distribution partners; both online and offline events.
  • Product Marketing Materials: provide marketing assets for our distribution network to use to promote the FreeWing;
    • Product catalogue
    • Graphic images
    • Studio pictures
    • Action images
    • Product videos
    • Web banners
    • Print advertising artwork
    • Social media resources
  • Develop point of sales marketing tools;
    • Hangtag on the product
    • Packaging
    • Poster for the shops
  • Develop promotional items;
    • Apparels
    • Posters
    • Flags
    • Tents
    • Stickers
  • Media partners: maintain a good relationship with our media partners as well as expand the network. Negotiate with media partners to guarantee advantageous contracts
  • Team Rider: Oversee and assist dream team riders to compete in Wing competitions and to create content

Helpful skills and experience

  • Clear and concise English communication skills
  • Effective management skills and leadership skills
  • Demonstrated ability to synthesize feedback from multiple sources (Customer, Distributors, Dealers, Peers, Team Riders) and successfully plan a path forward
  • Participating in Wing Foiling is an advantage
  • Flexible to travel

Who’s in your team?
You will report directly to:

  • Clinton Filen – Brand Manager // Airush HQ, South Africa
  • Svein Rasmussen – Chief Innovator // Starboard HQ, Thailand

You will be working closely with:

  • Marc – FreeWing marketing assistance manager // Starboard HQ, Thailand
  • Cheree – FreeWing marketing // Airush HQ, South Africa
  • Juama – FreeWing sales manager // Airush HQ, South Africa
  • Oda – FreeWing FB & IG Manager from Norway and is traveling the world
  • Krystal – FreeWing FB & IG // Airush HQ, South Africa
  • Chris – Digital Marketing Manager // South Africa
  • Graphic design team // Starboard HQ, Thailand
  • Trevor – Videographer and editor // Starboard HQ, Thailand
  • Caden – Starboard Tiktok Manager // Arizona, USA
  • Meet the FreeWing Crew

Interested in working with us?
We’re looking forward to receiving your CV, portfolio, salary expectations and earliest possible starting date in our inbox.

Just send it over to our current FreeWing Marketing Managers;

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