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The foil – how it works under your feet / wing foiling series

How well do you understand your foil? And do you know how best to control it when starting to fly?

In this first video in our ‘Wing Foiling Series’ Reuben takes a closer look at the foil, explaining how it works under your feet, and how to control it when you start to fly! By having a greater understanding of the foil and what makes it go up and down, you’ll hopefully feel more in control and be able to stay flying for longer. There’s lots you can practice to help make it a smooth flight!

There are lots of beginner vids already out there telling you the basics of Winging & Wing Foiling. Our videos will be focussing on what appear to be the main stumbling blocks. So whether you’re totally new to Wing Foiling and yet to hit the water, or you’ve already committed and got your own gear but are struggling… we hope these videos will be useful.

Part 1 – The foil… How it works under your feet and how to control it when you start to fly!
Part 2 – Getting flying and staying flying in lighter winds
Part 3 – Foiling gybes and going switch stance


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