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Palm Equipment / Rogen Drysuit Product Review

Palm Equipment offer a large range of clothing and accessories designed for all types of paddlers. Available in a great range of mens, ladies and kids sizes to suit all weathers and paddling disciplines there’s plenty of choice. 

In this video, Beau gives an overview of the Rogen drysuit which has been specifically designed with SUP in mind. Unlike other drysuits, the Rogen is a clean, simple suit which allows for unrestricted movement when paddling. The waistband on the inside helps to hold the suit up and keep the pressure of your arms, whilst there are neoprene gaskets which are comfortable to wear for extended periods on the water.  This suit is really well suited to a wide range of SUP disciplines, including winging and well worth checking out if you paddle in colder climates.

The SUPboarder team have been using Palm’s Cascade drysuit, but we feel this suit will replace that as it’s so easy to use and weighs less too.

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“Simple drysuit for SUP, winging and other forms of paddling in colder climates.”

To find out more about the Rogen drysuit from Palm Equipment check out their website here.

Rogen Drysuit

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