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Palm Equipment / SUP Quick Release Belts & Leashes Review

Palm Equipment have designed a range of innovative quick release SUP Belts and SUP Leashes to keep you safe when paddling on moving water.

Palm Equipment are creating some amazing gear that will keep you safe out on the water. The main innovative features of the Quick SUP Belt and the Quick Pro Belt include a pre-cut quick release tag cut specifically to release quickly and a resizable strap to fit you perfectly no matter what clothes you have on or who is wearing it. The belts prior to this range used the quick release strap to tighten the belt, meaning you had to cut down the strap for the belt to release properly.

The Quick Pro Belt combines a storage pocket on the belt to stow throw lines or a communication device, etc. The Quick SUP Belt uses a Molle system to attach accessories such as the Quick Cargo Pouch or the Quick H2O Pouch. Both belts have a red toggle to attached the Quick SUP Leash to or a normal ankle/calf leash can be attached as well.

The Quick SUP Leash can be set at a desired strength limit and attached to one of these belts. Set the strength to minimal and the leash will rip away from the belt when tightened. Tighten up the strength and the leash won’t release, so best to use the quick release points on the belt.

There is more information in the video about these products and how to use them.

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Quick Release Belts & Leashes need to be used by paddlers when paddling in moving water. Moving water is defined by a flow on the river, tidal movement in estuaries or white water paddling. Basically any waterway with a flow of water you need to be wearing a quick release belt or leash. Why? If your leash gets caught or snagged on an object in or out the water and you fall off your board, your board will continue downstream whilst your leash is still attached or snagged on the object. This is a dangerous situation to be in as you can be dragged under the water. A quick release belt or leash is designed to be worn around the waist so you can easily reach the release point(s) by hand.


To find out more about Palm Equipment's safety gear for paddlers, check out their website here.

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