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SUPboarder’s Xmas Gift Ideas / 2020

It's that time of year again!! 2020 has certainly been a tough one, and Christmas is going to be a bit different too for many of us this year. So that's even more of a reason to put a smile on a SUPboarders face this festive season, and give them something they’d really like!

Ok… it might not be the carbon board or SUPing adventure abroad they’ve been dreaming off but there are some great SUP accessories out there. Check out our SUPboarder Christmas gift suggestions which will suit any passionate paddleboarder…

Dryrobe - Changing robe

Available in both adults and kids sizes and a fab choice of colours these Dryrobes will certainly keep you cosy at the beach. Ideal as a changing robe, or an extra layer at the beach or to get you home into a hot shower! The SUPboarder Team live in theirs! (£80-£150)

Leash - Straight/Coiled/Quick Release

It’s just as important your leash is in good condition as well as your board and paddle. And that it’s the right type and length too! Expect to pay £25 + for a quality leash. Check out Starboard and Ocean and Earth who have a good selection.

Atom Pants - Waterproof Trousers

If you want to keep paddling in comfort all year round then you need some of these! Quality waterproof trousers from Palm with inbuilt waterproof socks, keeping not only your legs but also your feet dry and warm when launching and paddling in wetter conditions. Not cheap but we think well worth the money. (£170)

Surf Wax - You can never have too much!

If you’ve got a board without a deck pad or are hoping to get your toes on the nose in 2021 then you’ll need plenty of wax! Help protect our oceans by checking out some of the eco friendly surf wax products now available. (£2 +)

Electric Pump - For your iSUP

If you own an iSUP, paddle regularly and are fed up of pumping it up, then get an electric pump! Super fast and effortless, saving your energy for paddling further. The SUPboarder team were really impressed with the STX electric pump (£138+)

Neoprene Mitts - Palmless

There’s no need to suffer from chilly hands when paddleboarding this winter. Palmless mitts are the ideal solution… keeping your extremities warm whilst still keeping a firm hold of your paddle. Check out those from Prolimit / Ion / Palm (£25 +)

Lesson Voucher - From your local SUP School

Whether you’re new to SUP or wanting to learn a new SUP discipline, it’s important you learn safely. Having a lesson or SUP experience from a respected SUP school is the best way to learn the basics. Join a group or have a 1:1 session. Give them a call.

Lockrack - Lockable Roof Bars

A really quick and easy way to secure your SUP on the roof of your car.  Suitable for one or multiple boards, the lockrack fits all board sizes. Easily adjustable and automatically locks for piece of mind. You’ll never want to use roof rack straps again! (£179 +)

SUP Wheels - Make life easy!

There’s no need to put your back out getting your board to the waters edge! SUP wheels allow you to transport your board effortlessly even loaded up. Check out the SUP wheels from Riber, Palm

SUPboarder Shop - Be a real SUPboarder!

Check out our SUPboarder shop for a range of great SUPboarder merchandise to suit all ages… caps, tees, stickers, baby grows and our hot off the press new sweatshirts in a great choice of colours and styles! (£4-£47.99)

Pro Subscription - Join SUPboarderPRO

Have access to loads more great SUP reviews and features, plus head to head kit tests, ask the experts, virtual coaching and a free SUPboarder PRO t-shirt! Any keen paddleboarder will love what SUPboarderPRO has to offer. (£2.99 per month or from £26.99/£32.99 yearly)

GeoSUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding App

A mobile app which allows you to track, analyse and record your paddles, share your experiences and follow others, so you can search for great new paddle spots all over the world. An easy way to record your paddles as well as being a great training tool and safety feature too. GeoSUP is currently available on IOS only however an android version coming soon. (£4.99 from the App Store)

Whether you're buying for a family member, friend or just wanting to drop afew hints, we hope we've given you afew good ideas. Or if moneys a bit tight this year, then why not just enjoy a paddle with friends and family over the Christmas period. Don't stress, just SUP!

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