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Palm Equipment / Blaze Neoprene Product Review

Palm Equipment offer a large range of clothing and accessories designed for all types of paddlers. Available in a great range of mens, ladies and kids sizes to suit all weathers and paddling disciplines there’s plenty of choice. 

In this video Beau gives an overview of the neoprene Blaze range. Longjohns/shorts and leggings, made from super soft and stretchy 3mm neoprene, designed to get wet and help keep you warmer on those cooler paddling days. Unlike a full wetsuit they allow unrestricted, unsweaty paddling and the option of layering up your top half however you wish. Really well suited to a wide range of SUP disciplines and well worth checking out.
The Palm Equipment neoprene leggings are really popular with the SUPboarder team especially when on/off the water all day testing
For other SUPboarder Palm Equipment reviews and overviews see below.
“a great option when you don’t want to wear a full restrictive wetsuit”

To find out more about the Blaze range from Palm Equipment check out their website here.

Blaze Range

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