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When I paddled 16km out to sea and ended up on national radio / Eddystone Vlog

Back in July 2021, Will from our team went on an adventure.... his target was the Eddystone Lighthouse, 16km directly out to sea from the Cornish coast.....

The Eddystone light house is a remote and difficult place to get to by SUP. Will’s Vlog documents how this trip that had been on his bucket list for years unfolded, including how it unexpectedly ended up on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2.

The trip required some careful planning, a perfect forecast, good safety gear and safety backup as well as an experienced team. If you are interested in touring or adventuring on your SUP watch the vlog and learn how you too can work up to an expedition like this.

Thanks to Dave Pickford of BASE MAGAZINE for joining this expedition and sharing some of the images above

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2 years ago

That looks a great trip. Well planned & executed, & even with good kit & experienced paddlers – not easy. A group successfully went to & from the Rampion wind farm from where I live (8 miles off shore) & they planned it well & had a support boat the whole journey. I’m glad you had a back up rib in case of an emergency. I think long off shore trips need to have their own means of rescue planned & available, rather than rely on coastguard or rnli to save them. The risks are there, & if you are… Read more »

Beau Nixon
2 years ago
Reply to  Salmonpincher

Thanks for the comment. Safety and the options around it are definitely the first and last thing paddlers should think about, no matter where they paddle. Agree that other options apart from coastguard and RNLI are needed as back up rescue plans too. Well said.

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QR: When I paddled 16km out to sea and ended up on national radio / Eddystone Vlog

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