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Starboard All Star vs Starboard Generation 2022

Compared by us on Dec 23, 2021

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Richard Sugg
Richard Sugg(@jabunenebiki07)
29 days ago

Great review as always…having chosen the Generation Lite-tec I held my breath, but your feelings mirror my own. The 2022 Generation lite-tec (which I’ve got) has a kick pad, but as you pointed out, you don’t need to go that far back to get it to turn. It also has an air ventilation valve…dunno what difference that makes? Would say that when carrying with the center handle, the 14′ 28″ lite-tec is nose heavy…best to buy a carry strap if carrying any distance / in any wind ’cause the laminate / paint is REALLY thin. Even light bumps when carrying… Read more »

Beau Nixon
Beau Nixon(@beaunixon)
25 days ago
Reply to  Richard Sugg

Hi Richard, thanks for your input. Some great insights you have into the Generation. The air valve is useful when pressure/temperature changes, but hardly needed in temperate climates. Interesting about the nose heavy 14′ version too. Thanks for sharing.

21 days ago

I am very interested in Starboard generation especially after this video. Can you tell me the difference in lite tech build generation 2022 vs 2021? To me, it seems not much difference, but $100 difference.Thanks!

Beau Nixon
Beau Nixon(@beaunixon)
21 days ago
Reply to  philwangsd

There’s no difference in the build of the Lite Tech, but with the addition of the air valve, price inflation, shipping costs, etc, expect a small price increase. Hope this helps!

14 days ago

Hi there, once again a great video from you, congrats !
I wanted to ask you, would you prefer the Generation even to the Sic Bullet, or to the Maliko ?

Beau Nixon
Beau Nixon(@beaunixon)
14 days ago
Reply to  Franco

It really depends on the conditions we ride it in. The SIC Bullet is an amazing board too, it’s just that we haven’t spent too much time on it. We actually have one now and are riding it a lot, so keep an eye out for content. The Generation compared to the Maliko, we feel there’s just more oomph and liveliness in the Generation. The rocker, bottom shape and all-round nature of the Generation takes top spot. I’ll get Will to chime in as well as he rides the Bullet. Thanks

Jason Marcinski
Jason Marcinski(@jmarcinski)
10 days ago
Reply to  Will Rogers

Thought I’ve heard from SIC that the Bullet or maybe even the Bayonet would make a good all around board. Maybe they are trying to hype up their boards to more people IDK but they do seem similar to the Generation.

Is the main reason to get the Carbon Top over the light tech for surfing, or is the stiffness noticeable on flat and chop as well?

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