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‘Ask The Experts’ Monthly Video #26

Ask The Experts has evolved to bring you discussions, insights, rants, news and our general thoughts about the SUP industry. Of course, we still answer your questions and weave these answers into the discussion. We hope you enjoy.

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28 days ago

Merry Christmas guys ! I completely echo all your sentiments about the composite board industry at the moment. It’s a real shame that due to volume of sales and other emerging sports (wing foiling) a lot of the big companies have stopped progressing or innovating their their sup surf boards or even race and downwind boards. It’s really disappointing to me that two disciplines I’m into (sup surfing, Down-winding) have been completely sidelined in this way. Unfortunately there is a heavy bias in the supracer conversation as I’m pretty sure both of those guys are ‘foil brained’. I am lucky… Read more »

22 days ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

Hey Beau, thanks you too. Always keen on a downwinder. Message me if you guys are planning on heading out. Based just just the other side of Plymouth so not too far away. Thanks James

jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert(@jonnyhsl)
27 days ago

hiya guys, regards to the SB Touring and Airline, the 28″ S only comes in DSC. The cable on the airline as well as making the board stiffer, also gives you a preload, so when inflated it bends slightly downwards, then when you stand on it, it straightens out, this also helps the board to deflect back into shape when paddling hard. Where as the Touring only has it’s construction to rely on. The Airline also has the EVA tray which gives loads of stability, but harder to get back on, The race handles do provide an extra way to… Read more »

26 days ago

Thanks for #26 ask the experts, always relevant and fun to watch.
your insights are really helpful. I‘m very happy the way Beau is sharing his know how and being part of the team. I would appreciate the announced new wave sup clinics very much, digitally or live. Beau’s long board videos were,highlights in 2021.
Northern Germany or Denmark could be an option for live clinics (Baltic sea with island Fehmarn northern sea with Sylt or klitmøller or Hvide Sande)
aloha from Hamburg

20 days ago

Interesting talk about the industry. I think alot of the reason right now for a reduction in the SUP surfing I think is definitely the availability in boards (at least near me). There is no way to get boards near me — and even demo-ing a product is impossible (and was before the pandemic issues). Also, the prices have gone through the roof. So you have to REALLY know what you want which isn’t easy when you are just getting into it. Alot of older surfers seem to be finding SUP at this point with the aging shoulders/back being a… Read more »

20 days ago

love the idea of a clinic (although getting to the UK would be difficult)! Hurricane season on the northeast brings good swell and cheap hotels near the beach! Sept-Oct the water is still warm.

19 days ago

Hey how about a pre-surf warmup video? Or maybe a workout video series?

17 days ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

aaah! actually now that you have soooooo many videos, maybe you need some kind of page or pages that organize them into hitlists. I know you can kind of search the site, but it would be nice to have some curated lists, like “workout and warmup videos” or “how to turn on a wave”

Also, there must be a SUP athlete who would do a sponsored video for you. I really like the videos by SBS and some others, but nobody has really done a follow-along SUP workout video….

Last edited 17 days ago by seanross
Rod Knight
Rod Knight(@rakrocket)
18 days ago

Hi guys
Happy new year

Interesting points on ask the experts as usual. I was very interested in the sup clinic idea. As
someone who has been surfing badly for years and sup surf ing badly for about four years I would love the chance to take part in a clinic. if nothing else it would give your readers a laugh and you could show them how not to do it and I might get a bit better.
Love sup pro

11 days ago

Great to hear the industry talk, in particular the custom thing is something I’ve been doing and looking in to more widely and sadly as you found the real issue is lack of willing within UK manufacturers as it disturbs the production schedule and takes up way more time and space than a standard shortboard so doesn’t make economic sense especially when the industry is so busy. From a sup perspective though it makes so much more sense to build performance sups in the UK with the numbers being so low that are sold rather than pre-ordering and shipping from… Read more »

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