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Getting into SUP Touring & Exploring / What kit to take

In this ‘Getting into SUP touring & exploring’ series we will be guiding you through every step to becoming a confident and safe SUP tourer and explorer. 

In part 3 Will talks you through the kit you should consider taking on your SUP adventure. Everything from safety kit, spares, on and off the water clothing, camp kit, cooking equipment and how best to pack it all so it stays dry and easily within reach. Whether you’re planning a longer 1 day exploratory paddle or multiple days paddling to help ensure both your safety and comfort, it’s just as important to consider what you take with you on your board as much as the board itself.

We hope you find it useful and it helps prepare you for that next adventure. We will also be producing some exclusive videos for our SUPboarder PRO subscribers which will be a must see for anyone really wanting to get into touring and exploring on their SUP. So look out for those special features as part of PRO.

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