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A RAW GoPro SUP surf session / Do you want more?

Instead of sending these clips to the bin, I thought I'd share them and give you the option to decide if this sort of video is something you want to see more of?

This is one of those sessions that promised so much but the wind didn’t want to play ball at all. But the sun was shinning and it got us away from the desk for an on the water lunch break, so definitely not complaining!

The waves that were there were fun, and very good practice riding bumpy wave faces and with a head wind paddle out.

If you found this video interesting and would like to see more like this then let us know and I will definitely work on getting better GoPro angles and adding some constructive technique talk as I surf next time.


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Richard Martin
Richard Martin
1 year ago

I liked that. Not slick and edited. Just going out and having some fun on some bumpy water, like I do all the time on my 7′ 6″ Fanatic Prowave. When I bought it in Marbella the guy in the shop said he reckoned it would be too hard for me (but at least they could buy it back), but NO! I love my board because small’s so interesting. It’s been a lot of work to get stable on, but you learn stuff every single time you go out, which is a lot in my case. It was so interesting… Read more »

Beau Nixon
1 year ago
Reply to  Richard Martin

So glad to hear you are loving your board. Thanks for the comment and kind words.

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QR: A RAW GoPro SUP surf session / Do you want more?

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