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SUP Touring & Exploring Overnight Kit and Packing Checklist

In this SUPboarder PRO feature we give you a full SUP touring and exploring kit checklist to help make preparing and packing for your overnight SUP adventure as seamless as possible. The checklist helps you pack your equipment into the correct bags as well as highlighting equipment that is optional or season dependent.

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Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence
2 years ago

This is brilliant! so useful. I’m hoping to get an overnight river tour in the next couple of months so will be coming back to this post closer to the time. Can I ask a couple of questions? 1. Any recommendations for makes or sizes for the dry liners? I like the colour coding idea for different kit, makes a lot of sense 2. I’m about 90kg and have a 10 foot 32″ wide and 5″ thick Itiwit board, so probably on the heavier side for the spec. Am I likely to struggle to paddle a loaded board on an… Read more »

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