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2021 Starboard Enduro 3-Piece Paddle Unboxing – First Look

We unbox the 3-Piece Starboard Enduro Paddle in the Pre-preg Carbon construction that will be featuring in our SUPboarder Pro 3-piece paddle test.

Remember these first look videos are not full SUPboarder reviews, they’re not even close! They are unedited, gut feeling videos showing what’s in the box and how they look for the first time.

Stay tuned for the SUPboarder Pro 3-piece paddle test. coming soon!

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3 years ago

When’s the 3 piece carbon paddle review coming? I’m looking for a new fixed length paddle – but may hold off until your review is out..

Reuben Ellis
3 years ago
Reply to  Salmonpincher

Yeah sorry its on my asap list. Want it out in the next 2 weeks. Sorry for the wait ☹️

Dave B
Dave B
2 years ago
Reply to  Salmonpincher

Just had a fixed length SB enduro snap on me in weak surf half way down the shaft. It was less than 40 days old, used about 10 times. Is it a common problem with this specific type of paddle? Apparently it’s a warranty claim which the seller has to go through. Meanwhile I’m literally stuck without a paddle.

Reuben Ellis
2 years ago
Reply to  Dave B

Hey Dave Thanks for your comment. To be honest snapping paddles shafts isn’t actually that common. But I do try and snap my paddles on a regular basis especially if they are new….yes it sounds funny. 🙂 Because like you have done it is best to break a paddle within the warranty period. And I generally find if you haven’t broken a paddle shaft within the first few months you are not likely to break it at all.(unless you land on it or hit it with your board in a wipe out) It’s just like windsurfing with full carbon masts.… Read more »

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