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How Long An iSUP Should Last / Inflatable SUP Life Span

How long will my iSUP last? It's a very common question and probably one you have asked yourself.

As you can imagine, there are a whole range of factors that affect the longevity of your iSUP from how it was manufactured, the materials used, usage and care. We dive into each of these topics and answer the question, how long will my iSUP last?

Assuming you take proper care of your board and it was manufactured using the right processes, this is how long you should expect;
• Pre-2012 iSUPs: 2-4 years
• 2012 – 2017 iSUPs: 5-7 years
• Current Day iSUPs: 10 years

Watch the full video to understand why these average times are what they are.

Please feel free to leave your comments below and let us know how long your boards have lasted. 

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Jack Tally
Jack Tally
2 years ago

It may be beneficial to do a yearly 305 protectorate on your iSup. Have you heard of it?

Jack Tally
Jack Tally
2 years ago

303 Aerospace Protectorate applied once or twice a year could extend the life of an ISup.

1 year ago

Hi, I bought 3 Gong Couine Marie inflatable SUPs in 2015. Double PVC layers (glued). A red one I use very heavily, two pink used occasionally. The red board got pink with time and the gloss went off completely. The side glued fins went off (not a bad thing actually). Last year I had to glue some parts of the rails but had no leak (the rail layer just give an extra protection against shocks on these boards). I still use it happily. The pink boards kept their gloss, and have no glue issue except one of them lost its… Read more »

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