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Pan Am Games 2023

The Stand-up paddle (SUP) segment of the 2023 Pan Am Games concluded at Punta de Lobos beach in Pichilemu, 200 kilometers southwest of Santiago, in massive waves for the SUP surfing.

Press Release: Panama Sports

The 2023 SUP edition of the Pan Am Games crowned two two-time champions: Colombia’s Isabella Gomez in the SUP surf women’s category and the USA’s Connor Baxter in the SUP race men’s category. Joining them with gold medals are two more USA athletes: Candice Appleby, winner of the women’s SUP race category and Zane Schweitzer, winner in the men’s SUP surf category.

In the women’s SUP surf, Colombia’s Isabella Gomez became the first two-times champion in the Pan American Games (following her title at Lima 2019) with a score of 7.93, beating Brazilian Aline Adisaka, who secured the silver medal with a score of 7.04. The bronze medal went to Peru’s Vania Torres, who scored 3.67.

After her victory, Gomez announced her retirement and her intention to focus on big-wave surfing.

“I think this is my last paddle competition. It’s my retirement and I’m officially announcing it. This has given me such a good career and so many good memories. I really want to focus on the next chapter for myself, which is big wave surfing. SUP surf gave me my entire career. I’m very grateful for it, but I feel it has fulfilled its purpose in my life,” said Gomez.


Connor Baxter from the United States also secured his second championship at the Pan American Games, defending his gold from Lima 2019 at Santiago 2023. He completed the SUP race in 12:49.90, beating Peru’s athlete Itzel Delgado, who achieved a time of 13:25.20 to secure the silver medal. In third place was Argentina’s Santino Basaldella, with a time of 13:59.40.

In the women’s category of the same event, the USA’s representative Candice Appleby claimed the gold medal, achieving a time of 15:24.90. Second place went to Costa Rica’s Jennifer Kalmbach, who finished in 15:47.80. Finally, the bronze went to Puerto Rico’s Mariecarmen Rivera, with a time of 16:36.40.


In men’s SUP Surf, USA’s debutant Zane Schweitzer secured the gold with a total score of 16.00. He earned a score of 8.50 on his fourth and final wave, pushing him to first place. The silver medal went to Brazil’s Luiz Diniz, who achieved a total score of 10.23. The bronze was awarded to Canada’s Finn Spencer, who scored 9.66.

After the award ceremony, Schweitzer expressed his excitement about winning his first participation in the Pan American Games as well as his pride in representing his Lahaina, Hawaii, community.

“I’m very grateful to be able to take the victory home for my family, for my Lahaina community, and to represent the United States. It’s fantastic to represent the sport of paddling at such an important event. I’m very grateful for my first participation in the Pan American Games and for starting with the achievement of a gold medal,” he said.

With the conclusion of this competition, the United States secured three gold medals in the stand-up paddle category, establishing themselves as the top winners in the discipline.

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