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300km SUP Journey for Breast Cancer

Jonathan Callow, 32, of the UK, paddle boarded nearly 300 kilometres in seven days along three canal networks of the Outer Pennine Ring to raise money for a charity which is helping his fiancée battle breast cancer.

On Easter Monday, Jon set off on his paddle board for seven days for Stand Up To Cancer because his fiancé Anna Hall, 37, has just finished treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. Jon completed the journey, over a distance of 324km.

“I think this challenge all went well in the grand scheme of things.  There was no point during the challenge where I felt like I wanted to stop or turn around. I paddled the equivalent of seven-and-a-half marathons. I’m glad I chose the route I did. The strength of winds from Storm Kathleen caused me problems. When I was travelling into the wind, a strong gust would bring me to a dead stop. And when was travelling with the wind at my back, a gust would hit me with such force and knock me off balance. I had the odd scare, but I didn’t fall off my board once.
I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement that people gave me.”

Jon finished his seven-day paddle board challenge at 8pm on Sunday night and his partner Anna, daughter Eira and friends were in Shipley to greet him. His efforts have seen him raise £2,500 so far and he is hoping to raise more.

Nicki Embleton, Cancer Research UK spokesperson for Yorkshire, said: “It was a privilege to be there at the start and the finish of Jon’s amazing challenge for Stand Up To Cancer. He has kept paddling for around 14 hours every day, often through heavy wind, rain and even darkness, slept under a small tarpaulin but smiled all the way round, knowing he was doing something to make a difference to people with cancer and help keep his family together. Thank you Jon.”

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