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SUP Twelve 2024

The endurance race event SUPTwelve concluded over the weekend in Torbay, UK with Paul Simmons and Tanja Ecker taking the win in their respective divisions. SUPTwelve runs for 12 hours from 7am until 7pm with a very simple objective: Who can paddle the most laps in 12 hours?

SUPTwelve has just concluded its second year running in the beautiful seaside town of Torbay, UK. Brendon Prince from the Long Paddle created this event as a way to showcase endurance SUP racing and the event attracted nearly 100 competitors  this year.

SUPTwelve takes place on coastal water, over a course of approximately 3.5 km, all paddlers start at 7am and every lap of the course will be professionally timed & recorded. The 3.5km course has been designed to give maximum visibility to the supporter and greatest interest for the paddler for such a short course.  Repeating laps, time and time again, forces the paddler to ‘dig deep’ if they want to champion the 12 hours.  The course, more so than the time will challenge the paddlers resolve and mental strength to keep paddling when it would be so so easy to stop and rest.

Here are the results;

Mixed Division

  1. Alec Gribble / Daron White: 23 laps
  2. Miller / Humpherson / Wilson / Newman: 21 laps
  3. Julia Welsh / Gillian Childs: 19 laps
  4. Mark Maher / Stuart Walker: 15 laps
  5. Mark Smith / Lucie Smith: 9 laps

Results - Top Ten Men

  1. Paul ‘PJ’ Simmons: 33 laps
  2. Bruce Smith: 31 laps
  3. Dominic Hook: 28 laps
  4. Paul Drake: 27 laps
  5. Ben Beachell: 26 laps
  6. Oliver Nawrat: 26 laps
  7. Chris Macdonald: 25 laps
  8. Chris Davidson: 25 laps
  9. Matt Brookes: 24 laps
  10. David Rodwell: 24 laps

Results - Top Ten Women

  1. Tanja Ecker: 29 laps
  2. Marie Buchanan: 27 laps
  3. Vanessa Knowles: 25 laps
  4. Vera Lindmark: 24 laps
  5. Claire Terry: 23 laps
  6. Candice Betts: 21 laps
  7. Paula Skeoch Roberts: 19 laps
  8. Caroline Dawson: 19 laps
  9. Sarah Perkins: 19 laps
  10. Lynne Hawthorne: 19 laps

Photos & Coverage: SUPjunkie / SUPfm

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