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SUP Expedition – Norway 2023 / Donna Lou Nixon & Rachel Martin

Join Donna-Lou Nixon and Rachel Martin on this epic SUP expedition in the Arctic Circle. Paddling over 250km around the Lofoten Island chain in Norway, the two women completed the journey in July 2023.

With support from SUPboarder, Palm Equipment, Quroc and Travel With A Paddle, Donna-Lou Nixon (a.k.a Mother SUPer) and Rachel Martin set off on an epic paddle around some of the most challenging open waters in the world. This route around Lofoten has been done many times on kayak but never this far on a SUP.

This video was put together by Mother SUPer and we will be interviewing both Donna-Lou and Rachel in a video very soon. If you have any questions for the pair, please drop them in the comments below and we will select a random few questions to ask them.

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Jenée Benning
Jenée Benning
5 days ago

I would love to know how do you go about getting sponsorship for an adventure like this?
What kind of preparation goes into making this trip happen, not so much the gear list or route and weather but all the other stuff.

Reuben Ellis
3 days ago
Reply to  Jenée Benning

Hey, we will put these questions to Donna and Rachel. Thanks

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