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A Guide to Quick Release Belts and Leashes

In this SUPboarder video we discuss everything 'Quick Release' - What is a Quick Release Leash? What is a Quick Release Belt? We explore the different types on the market, and crucially explain how you should be setting up your belt for your personal needs and how you should practice using it before you paddle.

SUP SAFE - PFD & Leash Beginner information

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Richard Perriss
Richard Perriss
1 year ago

Hi guys.
What is the brand of the quick release leash with the karabiner and snap shackle? I haven’t been able to identify online. Thanks.

Reuben Ellis
1 year ago

I believe the one your are asking about is the Aqua Marina river leash . I really like this one for general paddling.

Trevor Goodman
Trevor Goodman
8 months ago

Very informative video. No mention though of velcro fastening belts. I have been using an Alien wait leash for 5 years and found it excellent. It is infinitely adjustable… no strap to trim and most importantly no buckle to catch on the board or anything else. I believe Hatha are producing one as well.

Reuben Ellis
8 months ago
Reply to  Trevor Goodman

Hi Trevor. Thanks for your comment and suggestion. Im going to look into this.
Happy SUPing Reuben

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