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Breaking your SUP comfort zone / SUP challenge 2 # The SUP wheelie

We’re back with some more fun SUP challenges… this time really breaking your comfort zone, helping you become a better paddler. Getting your feet moving around your board, getting a feel for where those balance points are, and generally getting a better understanding of how your kit works, all help to improve your confidence and overall SUP skills on your board.

In this video we will be explaining the 2nd SUP challenge…The SUP wheelie

A SUP wheelie is when you step back onto the tail of your SUP board making the nose go up in the air. It’s a cool looking move, with the footwork just like that in a step back turn, but with out the turn!

Those that can do it make it look easy. But it’s not! Especially when you start!

Challenging yourself to do a SUP wheelie will definitely push you out of your comfort zone! Teaching weight distribution between your front and back leg, centre line balance, overall confidence moving around your board, the brace stroke as well as the point of no return!!

So what are you waiting for?!… give it a go! But be prepared to get wet!

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