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Discussing The Starboard 8’0 Wedge

We recently released the much anticipated review comparing the Starboard Wedge, Spice and Pro surf shapes. This video focuses on the addition of the new 8’0 Wedge board into the range and where it sits in the Starboard range of boards.

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Sebastian Paczynski
Sebastian Paczynski
2 months ago

Some interesting views, Beau. I enjoyed your take and I think you are right, however I cannot find the Pocket Rocket on the Starboard website anymore and the Hypernut is only offered in the Starlite and Limited constructions. This suggests to me that they aren’t selling well and perhaps the 8’ Wedge is indeed the replacement for the pocket rocket. Looking at the 8’ Wedge and trying to remember the Pocket Rocket they seem pretty similar in shape to me.  I am a big lad (190 cm and around 105 kgs, depending on what I’ve eaten that day) and I… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Sebastian Paczynski
Sebastian Paczynski
Sebastian Paczynski
1 month ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

Doh. I did not realise that the pocket rocket was hiding in the wide ride section. I thought it had hit the end of the road 🙂

Jason Long
Jason Long
1 month ago

I really like the boards this company makes but i just wish you could order a board from the comapany website. I like going a local shop but sometimes it just more easy to order from the company website :(.

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