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Breaking your SUP comfort zone / SUP challenge 3 # How far can you go?

We’re back with some more fun SUP challenges… this time really breaking your comfort zone, helping you become a better paddler. Getting your feet moving around your board, getting a feel for where those balance points are, and generally getting a better understanding of how your kit works, all help to improve your confidence and overall SUP skills on your board.

In this video we will be explaining the 3rd SUP challenge… How far can you go?!

Understanding the limits of your board and knowing how to regain your stability is essential to get the most out of your board and your paddling.

In this challenge you will be testing your boards secondary stability to the max. Seeing how far over onto the rail you can get your board without falling in! So that means returning to the normal standing position without getting wet!

It takes skill and good board trim to maintain that stability… especially when pushed right to the limit!

So give it a try, and see how far you can go! Be prepared to get wet!

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James McKinley
James McKinley
10 months ago

I can’t open the video. Any suggestions?

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