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Breaking your SUP comfort zone / SUP challenge 1 # Paddling finless

We’re back with some more fun SUP challenges… this time really breaking your comfort zone, helping you become a better paddler. Getting your feet moving around your board, getting a feel for where those balance points are, and generally getting a better understanding of how your kit works, all help to improve your confidence and overall SUP skills on your board.

In this video we will be explaining the 1st SUP challenge… Paddling Finless.
Why you might ask?!!!
Well, paddling finless makes you not only appreciate and understand the important role your fin has in helping your board track in a straight line. It also helps teach you great board and paddle skills, allowing you to;
– paddle generally straighter changing paddle sides less often
– paddle smaller boards
– be able to use smaller fins eg when racing
– and get home safely if you accidentally loose your fin when out paddling!
So give it a go, and let us know how you get on. If you manage to get someone to film your progress we’d love to see it. And make sure you share it on the SUPboarder social channels too.

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