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SUP Workout Routine #3 / Advanced – with Carole Main

This SUP specific workout routine is designed for those who exercise on a regular basis and want to push their limit with heavier weights and more reps.

Exercise: 40 seconds
Rest: 10 seconds
Total Time: 9 minutes

What You’ll need:
• Paddle
• Weights (or a can of beans)
• Water bottle

You don’t need to go to a gym, buy expensive kit or wear fancy clothing to do these routines. Just do it as you are with some household items as weights! These routines are less than 10minutes, so you can find the time during the day to get this done. Remember, for a more intense workout, do these back to back or all together!

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About Carole Main (Mainly Pilates)

Carole is an avid paddler and has been a pilates instructor for many years, specialising in sports rehabilitation and special orthopaedic conditions. She has combined these two passions to create Mainly Pilates in which she runs pilates sessions on SUPs and within studio spaces to help improve your balance, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Carole is also a SUP coach and has previously been a gymnast, gymnast coach, a swimming teacher and a police officer. Carole won the silver medal at the 2022 Coracle World Championships in the UK and enjoys sharing her passions with everyone.



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10 months ago

This series is great! Now I just have to do it. One question for Carole: Do you see a benefit to adding a Kegel anytime doing the “belly-button-to-spine” movement? I find activating the pelvic floor often helps with my core stability. Do you agree, or is this unnecessary, or worse counter-productive or injury inducing?

Reuben Ellis
10 months ago
Reply to  Robert

Hey Robert, we’ll send this on to Caz. Thanks for the comment

10 months ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Thanks, Ruben I have answered as above. A great question. Yes! Men have them too! The pelvic floor is a muscle. It’s invaluable as it holds up all the internal organs, improves your sex life and works with your bladder. People only realise they have one when it’s failing. You will know because you will accidentally wee a bit or fart when you cough or laugh or sneeze. But younger people suffer too. Especially anyone involved in running or jumping. It’s an extremely common problem, but IT. IS. NOT. NORMAL Thankfully, like all muscles it can be strengthened again. If… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  Robert

Hey Robert! Absolutely! Firstly. I’m so impressed an actual guy knows what a kegel is and that he has a pelvic floor! In all my pilates classes and SUP Pilates classes, we always start with ‘setting up the body for good posture’ which we use throughout the entire class. But, this is not just for the class but for life! However. A Kegal is a full contraction and a lot of people can’t hold that for long. (and it’s important we also practice the release – or you won’t be able to wee on command! ) We want to lift… Read more »

10 months ago
Reply to  caz

Hello Carole, Thanks for the response. I first leaned about the pelvic floor when I was a student of Forrest Yoga, where so much of our workout was related to the core, including the pelvic floor. I also have a friend who was dealing with incontinence in his late 60s. His doctor told him to do 500 Kegels per day. He was fine with that cuz he could do them anywhere: waiting for the bus, while he was cooking, etc. He was “cured” in less than a month! I always start with the pelvic floor when I want to engage… Read more »

9 months ago
Reply to  Robert

Thanks, Robert. That’s awesome! You are so right about muscle memory. During every class, I prompt (translates to Nag!) And when I say ‘engage core’ I actually see all the engagements, and whilst you can’t see anyone engage the pelvic floor, they smile when I remind them. I find the simple prompt of ‘shoulders back and away from the ears has the same effect. The chest lifts and the clavicle tips back slightly and the thumbs swivel slightly to the front. I love it when we have big mirrors so people can actually see these differences as they move. One… Read more »

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