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Brendon Prince Completes UK Navigation on SUP By Paddling Northern Ireland

Earlier this month, Brendon Prince and The Long Paddle team completed a stand up paddle around the coastline of Northern Ireland. This was the final piece of the puzzle to paddle the entire length of the UK's coastline after his mainland Britain circumnavigation last year.

The Long Paddle continued earlier this month with Brendon heading over to Northern Ireland to complete the UK coastline paddle. Brendon has said that this paddle wasn’t a continuous route, but paddled in sections due to the weather and time available to complete the incredible feat.

This wasn’t Brendon’s only achievement though. He claimed the world record for the fastest crossing on SUP on Lough Neagh at 4 hours 54 minutes, eclipsing the previous record by 17 minutes.

Brendon also began to paddle The Royal Canal which covers 145km and includes 45 locks. Weed and other weather factors meant that Brendon had to stop, but he will return to paddle the Canal at a future date to spread awareness that paddling on calm waters needs safety as well.

Brendon has set these challenges for himself to promote the charity Above Water which works to teach water safety and prevent drowning. There will be many more epic challenges and expeditions from Brendon in the future, so stay tuned.

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