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Learning The 5 Basic Stand Up Paddle Strokes / How To Video

In this video, Beau explains the five SUP strokes that all paddlers should know and learn before they hit the water. In learning these strokes, you can confidently control and manoeuvre your paddle board.

The five basic SUP strokes that you should know are;

1. Forward Stroke
This is used to propel the board forward and is the most common stroke we do when paddling. It requires entering the paddle near the nose of the board, pulling the paddle toward you and along the length of the board and exiting the paddle from the water at your feet.

2. Backward Stroke
The backward stroke is useful for two reasons. Firstly it slows you down when approaching an object or the shore. Secondly it turns your board. Extend the paddle toward the tail of the board, submerge the blade and pull it toward the nose.

3. J Stroke
The J stroke is an extension of the forward stroke and makes the shape of the letter J. Once you begin the forward stroke, you will then need to roll your wrists and knuckles down as you exit the paddle from the water to create a flick.

4. C Stroke
The C stroke is further extension of the J stroke as we make the shape of the letter C. By starting your forward stroke wide of your board, you can pull the paddle in toward the nose, down along the rail and then flick out at the end for the J.

5. Cross Bow Stroke
A stroke that allows you to turn the board quickly. Quite hard to master, the paddle crosses over the nose of your board, enters the water and pulls toward the nose. Lifting the paddle over the nose, it enters the water again for a wide sweep stroke.

We hope you learned a lot from this video and try these strokes out on the water next time you go paddling.

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