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David Haze: 2024 Paddling Film Festival’s best SUP film

Introducing the 2024 Paddling Film Festival's best SUP film, David Haze. This film tells the story of David Haze from prisoner to world record paddler and how SUP changed the course of his life.

David Haze is known as the Nomadic Paddler and this film dives deep into David’s history and current life. It focuses on David’s remarkable transformation into the record breaking paddler and ocean activist he is today after a background of crime and prison time. This film tells the story of one man’s journey of self-discovery and how SUP has influenced David’s life for the better. 

Winner of the 2024 Paddling Film Festival best SUP film, David Haze teaches us to overcome barriers, seek adventure and live a wholesome life – no matter where you have come from. 

We hope you enjoy it.

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