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Benoit Carpentier Scores A Solid Swell – SUP Surfing

Benoit Carpentier took advantage of the recent swell to hit his home region of France and puts on a masterclass in SUP surfing.

The biggest thing to note when watching Benoit surf is how he uses his back leg and knee to generate speed coming out of turns. You will notice after a carve or cutback, Benoit drops his back knee and bends it forward. This is for a few reasons; firstly he is repositioning his weight forward to generate speed out of the turn. A thing many surfers need to work on. Secondly, this movement allows Benoit to move his back foot if needed as it place weight on the front foot. And lastly, it creates a bit of flair to his surfing and emphasises that turn.

Very nice surfing Benoit. Let’s see how he goes in the upcoming APP World Tour event in the Canary Islands vying for a World Title.

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