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SUP shop insight / We chat to SUP inflatables about all things SUP

We know alot about SUP and the general SUP world, but one thing we don’t know much about is SUP shops. We don’t really know how modern shops work or what exactly customers should be able to expect from their SUP shop.

Over the years we’ve heard a lot of good feedback from our readers about a SUP company in the UK called ‘SUP Inflatables’. Particularly about their good customer service and after sales. So, this summer we made the journey from the SUPboarder HQ in Cornwall to Poole on the South Coast, UK so we could go behind the scenes of the well respected SUP shop to find out more.
SUP Inflatables has been around since the very start of inflatable paddleboards, and have built up a lot of experience. They have a huge passion for getting their customers on the correct kit… a passion we share here at SUPboarder.
SUP Inflatables is a UK based shop but there’s TONS of info in this video, which you’ll find useful wherever you are in the world, including…
• How a good shop works
• The type of customer support and after care you should expect to get from a SUP shop, wherever you are in the world
• How boards are constructed and what you should be looking for as a consumer
• How to choose the right kit for you
• Market trends including product types and whats been going on before and after the pandemic in the industry
• Behind the scenes at SUP Inflatables and see how experience has seen them move into distribution and how that has supported some improvements to products

So… from myself, Will and Harry, we hope you find this video interesting and useful, and it gives you more knowledge and confidence when you next go SUP shopping!

Find out more about SUP inflatables and read more useful info like, their quick sup buyers guide on their website

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Richard Sugg
Richard Sugg
1 year ago

Great video (as usual!) Would recommend Supinflatables to anyone. They’ve sent me a board, paddles and kit here to Japan with no issues. Even when I had a warranty issue with a paddle, Emma sorted it quickly and with no hassle. Support these people!

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