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Longboard Surf SUP Board Test 2022 / SUPboarder PRO Head To Head

In another SUPboarder PRO test for 2022, we’re testing the Longboard Surf SUPs. A very anticipated video, we award the best improver and performance longboard shapes. Remember though, the test winner may not necessarily suit your style of surfing, so watch the full video to understand which board will suit you.  

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Levon Scheijbeler
Levon Scheijbeler
10 days ago

Hi Beau, I would like to get into Longboard sup surfing. I´ve been sup surfing for quite a while now and I know the drill. I went going down from 9´0 all the way where I´m now to a length of 7´7 and volume 0f 100 liters. Nevertheless for choppy and winter conditions i have an 8´0 with 115 liters and that suits me well I don´t have to worry about stability or drive I have less at the 7´7. Now I want to catch a bit more and maybe replace the 8´0 for a longboard. My location is the… Read more »

Levon Scheijbeler
Levon Scheijbeler
7 days ago
Reply to  Beau Nixon

Thank you, Beau, and this really helps! Cool to see that the 2020 test still can relate to this test and you have the answer because you surfed both boards. Thanks!

1 day ago

Hi Beau, thanks a lot for this great comparison of all those boards!

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