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The Gear You Need For White Water SUP, with Beth Kirby / SUPboarder How To

In this SUPboarder video, Beth Kirby introduces you to the gear you need when White Water paddling and why it is important to wear your safety kit.

White Water SUP combines the technical aspects of paddleboarding with the high paced, high octane nature of white water. It’s normally done on inland waterways, be it man-made or natural rivers.

You are going to need the essential items of gear when white water paddling to keep you safe. This includes a waist leash, buoyancy aid/pfd, helmet, correct footwear and appropriate clothing for the water temperature.

In the next video in this series of White Water SUP videos, Beth will be talking about the right board and paddle to use. Stay tuned for more soon.

Before trying white water SUP, It’s important to understand the risks, dangers and the correct type of safety equipment to wear including a quick release waist leash before heading out on white water. Get some coaching and avoid paddling alone. Beth will be bringing you more videos about the right gear, safety and top tips.

About Beth Kirby (@bethk128)

Beth comes from a white water kayaking background with many medals won in World competitions. Kirby found White Water SUP after seeing some friends trying it 4 years ago and now Beth is stacking up lots of UK wins and experience in SUPX, river surfing and river running.

Beth is an experienced Stand Up Paddleboard coach based in the East Midlands, offering flat and white water SUP coaching.

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James McKinley
James McKinley
1 year ago

Thank you, Beth for the video on gear for whitewater SUP. I live in western North Carolina, have kayaked for years, SUP surfed river waves several times, but for the last handful of years have focused on traveling and learning to SUP surf ocean waves. This is a good reminder to get back on the waves in my back yard. I look forward to the discussion of river boards that is coming up soon. As to this video you just did, I watched hoping for a discussion of padding performance and choice. I don’t have much experience with it. I… Read more »

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