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What do you want to see on SUPboarder PRO in 2023?

Its your chance to have your say! We are deciding the 2023 SUPboarder PRO content including Head to Head Test categories and need your input! Let us know what you want whether you are a PRO subscriber or not!

Here at SUPboarder we read every single comment, email, ask the expert query and message from our community.   We put all that insight into the worlds most complicated spreadsheet and discuss in weekly meetings which allows us to identify trends and key needs that our reader and view community has.   We use all this incredible insight to decide on video titles to make that really tackle your questions or interests.   Without your questions and comments we couldn’t do this so well, so THANK YOU…. but we need more of your help right now….

At this time of year we plan our following years test categories to give the brands plenty of time to prepare their products for us to put head to head.  Each year we look at what subscribers and readers want, speak to our testers, look at what new market trends are developing and look at the feedback we have had during the year to choose our test  categories.   Its time we need your help again, but we are also looking for more testers and your direct feedback on the other features you would like to see on SUPboarder PRO.  So please, take 5 to throw your ideas down below and if you want to be a part of the SUPboarder test team let us know also!


What SUPboarder PRO head to head tests would you like to see in the 2023 season?


What SUPboarder PRO features would you like to see in the future?


SUPboarder Tester Expression of Interest


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