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Tropic Buoys – Thébault Family

Welcome to the Thébault Family, where everyone shares a passion for Wing Foiling and watersports. From young Eulalie to the grandparents, everyone is involved! Weekends are dedicated to Wing Foiling – of course once the kids finish their homework.

Discover this inspiring family from Guadeloupe, where a love for watersports spans generations. Mahé, Arthur, and Eulalie are future champions, dedicated to mastering the waves.

Join us as we explore their world, balancing school, work, and their pursuit of waterborne thrills. Experience their routines, training sessions, and joyous moments, showcasing their enthusiasm and determination in the Wing & Foiling community. Get ready to be inspired by their passion and commitment to the waves!

Sebastian Thébault, Arthur and Eulalie´s father: 

We knew Arthur Samzun was coming to Guadeloupe to film the boys, originally planning to focus on cousins Arthur and Mahé. However, it quickly became a family story. Our goal was to showcase Gwada’s most beautiful spots despite the fickle wind and wave conditions, often riding in very light winds typical for Guadeloupe. 

Arthur Samzun’s footage is stunning. Foiling just centimeters from his camera for water shots was an amazing experience for the boys. The joy of Wing Foiling is multiplied when shared with family – there’s nothing better!

Arthur Samzun, producer of Tropic Buoys:

I hope viewers will be inspired by the Thébault family’s story to see the power of passion, dedication, and unity in pursuing their love for water sports. They welcomed me with open arms and gave me all the tips for riding in perfect conditions. What board sports enthusiast doesn’t dream of sharing moments like these with their children? I hope that the vision of the “Thébault Family” will be conveyed as I experienced it through this video and will inspire others to continue their passion for the ocean and board sports, passing it on to future generations with all the values that come with it!

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